Holidays Are the Best Time to Grow Your SMS Marketing List

Text Message Marketing

What is Text Message Marketing? Text Message Marketing or SMS Marketing as some may call it is a form of marketing in which your customers give you consent to send them marketing messages in the form of a text. It has one of the highest ROI’s per any marketing medium because your customers want to hear what you have to say. Text Marketing can easily be used by all size businesses.

Holiday Traffic Spurs Text Message Marketing List Growth

There are so many ways to increase the number of contacts on your text message marketing list. We often talk about great ways to advertise and get the word out, but when is the best time to grow you marketing power? The Holidays, or the busy season as we like to call it in retail is the best time to expand your marketing power for a few main reasons.

Why are the Holidays the Best Time to Grow your Text Message Marketing list?

Shear Traffictext marketing traffic for the holidays

The amount of traffic you have coming in your establishment or site is at a greater number as compared to the off holiday season. This is true across every busy. High traffic presents you with the opportunity to present your customer with the option to join your Text Message Marketing list.
If you have set up your auto reply for a great deal you will have a greater chance of growing your text marketing list to that desired size faster. A lot of self marketers get fast growth in the beginning but then forget that text message marketing contact growth is all about the traffic you have being presented with a chance to join.



text message marketing during the holidaysThe Holidays & Black Friday especially are by far the best times to grow your text message marketing list. Every one expects a deal on Black Friday so why give them a little extra for visiting your site or stopping in your establishment?

It’s simple, just edit your auto reply so that the confirmation message is a mobile text coupon that can be combined on any Black Friday or Holiday deals. Check out our previous post on how to set your auto reply. What we have now is a optimized growth campaign not just a boring call to action to join a boring marketing list.

Interaction is always key. When you have that much traffic it is important to cut through the clutter and standsms marketing interactions out by getting your customers interactive. You can do this a few different ways. With most Text Message Marketing companies you can run text to win contests in which your customers can text in to join the contest and be entered into a randomized drawing for a grand prize. This is great because those who were not on your text marketing list before the contest will now be on it. Just like all other times you must follow proper compliance advertising your text to win contest. For compliance overview please check out our previous post.



 Text Message Marketing Tips from Steve

– Consistently present your customers with opportunities to join your text marketing list. Always provide a great incentive to join the list. Keep it consistent and high in value. If your customer believes its worth redeeming then you will have high ROI.


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