Definition of Text Marketing Automation

Text Message Marketing Automation

Wow! That’s a new term. You are probably wondering what Text Message Marketing automation is. If you are familiar with mobile marketing, sms marketing or text marketing you may have experienced a little Text Message Marketing automation at some point. This term used to categorize any part of your text marketing campaign that can be easily automated for the business or organization to save time and money. The more automation, the less effort the marketer has to put into getting response. Lets take a look at some forms of Text Message Marketing Automation.

Where can you find Text Message Marketing Automation?

There are many forms of Text Message Marketing Automation. Some are exclusive to certain platforms. Others can be found across all boards. We are going to examine a platform called Slick Text today. We have reviewed this company one time before and believe they still provide one of the best options for any user as far as mobile marketing and text messaging go.

Top 8 Text Message Marketing Automation Features You Should Use!

Birthday Text Messages1. Automated Birthday Campaigns – Birthday Campaigns are one of the best automated marketing features you can utilize on a Text Messaging platform. With Slick Text you have the ability to fully customize every part of the Birthday campaign. We found the process as simple as pie. Set it up and let it do its thing. If you already have a list grown, there is an option to send out a message to all our subscribers to capture their birthdays. This is great for companies switching to Slick Text, especially if the last company they were with did not have this option. This is why Birthdays is our top pick for automated feature.


Text Message Marketing Auto Reply2. Auto-replies Text Message Auto-replies are just simple messages you set up that send a response to your customer after they join your Text Message Marketing list. Typically for marketing you can turn these auto-replies into mobile coupons that your customers can redeem. This is the norm. With Auto-Replies you only receive the return message once and this is when you originally join a text message marketing list.



Text Message Marketing Auto Response

3. Auto-RespondersText Message Auto-Responders are very similar to auto-replies however; Auto-Responders are received over and over as  you text a keyword to a short code number. This is why the auto-responder feature is used most for 1-time text in purposes. Such as, downloading an app or getting a digital business card.



Text Marketing Dynamic Expiration Dates4. Dynamic Expiration Dates – An exclusive to Slick Text. Dynamic expiration dates are calculated dates that are inserted into your auto-replies, birthday messages and auto-responses. This is an amazing feature Slick Text has that protects the business using SlickText for text marketing against abuse. You will know exactly when the offer expire so you can accept or deny the text message offer.



Text Marketing Age Verification5. Age Verification – Is a great feature that is used for confirming the age of your Text Message Marketing Subscribers. It is all automated! Slick Text’s age verification feature even works simultaneously with their Birthday feature.



Text Message Scheduling6. Campaign Scheduling – Scheduling a Text Message Marketing Campaign could not be easier. It is one of the key features that any Text Marketing Platform should have. This allows you to compose your campaign at your convenience and have it scheduled at the same time.



Facebook and Text Message Marketing7. Simultaneous Facebook Posting – Not all Text Message Marketing platforms will have this, and it does not kill your campaign if you are not utilizing a feature like this but it sure is convenient. Not only can you kill two birds with one stone you can also use Slick Text’s Facebook widget to grow your list. Bobby Angilella, who is the VP of Business Development places high emphasize on using the widget for growing your list instead of double posting to your fans.



Text Marketing Link Tracking8. Link Tracking – The last automated feature we will cover is link tracking. This is great for inserting a link in a text message campaign that allows your customers to click on. With Slick Text you can track the amount of clicks and click through percentage per campaign. All automated and done for you. Don’t you love when your marketing is handled for you?



If you have questions about our reviewed service you can visit for more information. You can also email them at or call them at 1-800-688-6290. As a special thanks for allowing us to review their service they have created a special promo code for all our lovely fans. If you sign up with Slick Text or switch to Slick Text for service make sure you mention the promo code: TMTDOTCOM. This will get you a great first month discount and a great join the family referral discount when switching.


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