How Gyms Use Text Marketing to Increase Sales

text message marketing

If you are like most people who own a gym or are searching for creative ways to get the work or communications out to your members and staff, then you may want to consider Text Message Marketing.

Think about it. Your members join your sms marketing list on their own because you give them a great deal. You reward them through-out the month with even better deals that boost sales and increase memberships. All while using a simple text message marketing platform to do so.

Top 6 Way Gyms & Fitness Centers use Text Message Marketing

1. Text Message Marketing Communications 

text message marketing ideas for gyms

Your customers need info. fast what better way to tell them or notify them that something is broke, closed or you are running an Arnold body building event. Since your members have 100% opt in they want to hear from you. Text marketing provides that easy solution to communicate to your members and staff.

If you have more then 2 members of staff you can easily create a keyword with a sms marketing platform to represent a list of contacts. Then, you can easily send a text communication on over to your staff members. Its that simple.

2. Run monthly Text to win contest

text message marketing text to win

The majority of text message marketing platforms out there will allow you to run a text to win contest using their sms marketing platform. Running a text to win contest will grow your list with members and non members.

People text in to join to win a grand prize and after the contest is over all those contacts will be added to your text marketing list. Its that simple. Of course there are compliance statements that need to be present when advertising it but you get the idea.

So now you have a marketing list and can shoot them communications and great text message marketing deals via text.

3. Bring a Friend

text message marketing

Beef up your membership count with a text message marketing campaign that brings weight to table. Think about this, offering a great deal via text for your current members to bring a friend who has never been or who currently does not have a membership. For every new person who comes you reward your customer with a deal or incentive.

Text Message Marketing Campaign Example: This day only, bring a friend and show this text and for every friend you bring we will give you a credit on your account & for every friend you bring that signs up that day, we will give you a 100% rebate towards your account.

4. Forward this Message

text message marketing deal

Compose a campaign for your current members to forward to a group of their friends with a special promo code to use to come back and rejoin the gym or become a new member. Offer the member a great incentive for doing so and watch as their friend

s pour in the door to sign up.

It also helps to time pressure the deal and make it exclusive for text message marketing VIP members only, or just for people who received the message to forward.

5. Product, Service, & Merchandise Campaigns

text message marketing deals for products at the gym

Now that you’ve beefed up your text marketing list with lots of members lets send them some exclusive text message marketing deals that they wont be able to resist.

Do you sell products in your gym? Do you sell private training sessions in your gym? Does your gym contain a store where you sell lifting gear and clothing? BOOM! Compose a campaign with a special offer to boost sales in your in house store or for another service or product. Some gyms even have tanning beds, so offer your customer a deal to purchase 3 weeks and get the 4th week free. It would be a text VIP member exclusive deal; Show text or use to redeem sorta thing. You can even include a promo code if you have those fancy new point of sales systems.

6. Use a keyword as auto-responder

What the heck is a auto responder? An auto responder or automatic response is something that comes back immediately with information pertaining to what ever you have set it up for. Could be your business info like a digital business card or even better yet, a mobile coupon that non-members can text into to receive a special day pass or month pass to the gym.

Final Note on Text Message Marketing and Your Gym:

People do not come to the gym to talk and hang out, so keep your text marketing campaigns short and to the point while packing them full of value worth redeeming. If you need to know how to beef up your campaigns check this previous post out we did on how to compose a great campaign.






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