6 Tips for Growing Your Text Marketing List

Top 6 Tips for Growing your Text Message Marketing list

What are the key components in your text message marketing campaigns? Do you know? Most people do not and they make for a poor excuse of a marketer. Do not let your efforts go to waste. Be proactive  in your marketing and push it. In this article we break down the top 6 things you need to be doing with your text message marketing campaigns.

 1.    Offer a valuable incentive

Offering value is a key is by far the most attractive trait of a text message-marketing list. Most businesses provide a free item, a dollar value off, or a percentage off. If none of these can be used maybe consider offering a valuable piece of information.


2.    Ask the customer to join

This can be done in various ways. The most common strategy is having your employees or cashiers call-to-action the customer. This is commonly done during the check out process. It can easily be done and you can make it fun for your sales associates to compete over who has the most opt ins.


3.    Provide value in every campaign

What’s a text worth? We commonly say that if you are to send a text message marketing campaign then you should provide an outstanding amount of value to your special customers to help push them in the door on those days. Ask your self next time; Does this text campaign provide value worth more than receiving? If no, then do not send it.


4.    Use on a regular basis

Use your text message marketing service on a regular basis. So many times I will see businesses start using text message marketing when they first start then gets results and slowly stop using it because they drove the traffic to there business

when to release your text message marketing campaigns.


5.    Study your demographic & audience

Know your customers and understand their life. See our posts on Good Advice regarding timing your campaign, and studying your customer so you can precisely schedule your campaign. This includes things like time of day, product & goods and service they enjoy, and when they pay cycle is. These things come into effect when you are marketing.


6.    Be creative in your campaigns

Be creative! It is a text message. When you are designing your text message campaign think about it and ask yourself, Would this put a smile on my face if I received it or would this get me excited to receive this?


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