What to Do When Your Text Marketing List Isn’t Growing

Text Message Marketing Strategies for Restaurants – In our recent posts on text message marketing and restaurants we discussed a few key ways to grow your list and get great results. Lets see what else we can dig up on text message marketing to help you get ideas for your restaurant.

Any time there is a business with a high volume of customers coming in and out of the establishment on a consistent basis you can almost bet text message marketing would be a good candidate for this type of business. High traffic like this is very valuable. How? You may ask. Well similarly to visiting a website and joining a email. What is more important here is capturing this visitors to grow your future marketing efforts. But what happens when you let these efforts slip through your fingers. Your efforts are then wasted.

A client of my mine recently asked me about their text marketing campaigns and was curious as to why their list wasn’t growing on a consistent basis. Like many business owners who take on their own marketing efforts sometimes they let them go to waste. So we examined a few things in how she was managing her text message marketing efforts.
It turns out she had started her text message marketing service which had been going great. In the beginning she was on top of her game growing her list for the first year or so but as time went on she kind of started to slack on her focus. The first thing we looked at was the inside of the restaurant and so on. Here are a list of the top   things to examine if your list is not growing on a consistent basis.

1. Do you have your your establishment posted with flyers in conspicuous areas?

2. Are your employees on your team?

– This means are they calling your customers attention to your flyers, are they asking them to join your list, and are they actively assisting you in growing your list.

3. Are you treating your other advertising outlets like a funnel for your text message marketing campaigns?

4. Do you have a great incentive to entice  your customers to join your list?

5. Do you provide value to the customers who have given you permission to market to via text?

If you answered no to any of these questions like my client then you probably have been letting your text marketing efforts run wild. The biggest violation here was the lack of enthusiasm from her employees calling her customers attention to join the text list. This may be the biggest effort wasted when you are utilizing text message marketing.

The biggest tip I can give to make sure this does not happen to you is to NOT DO IT! See our previous posts on Good Advice. Make it the rule for your employees to ask every table, and every time. You can even get creative and turn it into a game for your employees to see how many people they can get to join your text marketing list. Similar to, “Pass the buck”. This is where the person with the largest sale on a retail floor gets to hold the buck until the next salesman gets a larger sales. Who ever has the largest sale gets the buck.

Similarly, who ever has the highest opt. in rate can hold the buck. At the end of the day when you have checked and tallied your numbers you can see who had the largest numbers for opt. in. Get creative!

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