5 Things You Need for a Text Marketing Push

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The true experts in the field of Text Message Marketing know there are a few key things that every one who wants to take on text marketing for their business must realize and implement. It is easy to hire a marketing company to handle your Text Message Marketing campaigns. It’s another thing to take the bull by the horns and do it  your self. I do not mean to make it sound hard because it is not and hopefully you are not paying someone to do this for you, but companies like SlickText and others make it very easy to manage a SMS Marketing campaign.

So you think your an expert at Text Message Marketing huh?

1. Always provide an incentive to join your text message marketing list

– If you are setting up a SMS Marketing account with a provider make sure you select, “Marketing” for the purpose of your list. With any text message marketing list you will want to provide an amazing deal for joining your list. The incentive is key.

2. Advertise your text message marketing list everywhere possible

– There a few things you should know before advertising your text marketing list. Make sure you have a clear purpose statement present and that the message and data rates statement also accompanies that advertisement. Now take your flyers & promotional materials and use outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing to grow your text message marketing list.

3. Study the Demography of your Customer

-Few marketers and small businesses remember to do this when composing a text message marketing campaign, but it is very important. We have talked about demographics in previous posts. In our previous post we talk about demographics and studying your customers to see what is the most

relevant SMS marketing message for them.

4. Provide Value Worth Receiving

Simply put, if you text message marketing campaign does not kick your customer in the butt to get moving or take action to redeem then chances are you are not composing a proper message. Check out our previous post on how to compose a proper Text Marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing

Text Marketing Needs

5. Make it Exclusive to your Text VIP members

-One of the most important components of Text Message Marketing list is the exclusivity. Think a

bout it. If you give some one your permission to join a text marketing list for deals, do you want to see the same deals offered somewhere else, like Facebook? No! When you forget about exclusivity on your SMS Marketing list it’s like saying, “you are not special”. The one thing you must remember is your text message marketing is completely exclusive and special.

Text Message Marketing Summary

I could talk all day about this subject. As a small business consultant I know it takes money to make money. This is what marketing is all about. Most business owners do not realize that and this is why their SMS Marketing campaigns lack value and are not being redeemed.

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