Why Include Text Message Marketing in Your Annual Budget

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing has one of the highest ROI’s per marketing medium. Text Marketing or SMS Marketing as many call it is the ability to grow a 100% opt in marketing list where the customers who add themselves want to hear what you have to say. That being said, you take the largest form of communication, which is text messaging and combined that with permission based opt ins and you have one powerful tool. 


Top 5 Reasons You Need to Add Text Message Marketing in 2014


1. It is permission basedText Message Marketing is permission based

What does permission based mean? It means you only receive customers who want to hear what you have to say on the list. It also means you can’t just add numbers according to the anti-spam laws. The customers have to add themselves to your list. This can be done in 3 different ways.

     a. A customer can text a unique keyword to a registered short code number. Example, Text, BURGER to 00000.

     b. A customer can sign up by entering their number into a web widget sign up box.

     c. A customer can sign up by providing you with written consent on paper, then you can add their number to your text message marketing list.

The best part about being permission based is when you send out a text message to your marketing list it really optimizes ROI.  Having the power of 100% of the list wanting to hear what  you have to say by, “Text Message” really makes the results effective.



Text Marketing2. Its inexpensive

In the late 2000’s when text message marketing was just being pioneered you had no option as far as who you could get your text marketing services from. Companies spend thousands a month and were locked into prices that were outrageous compared to today’s standards.

This is not true today. Companies like SlickText.com and others have been able to harness their buying power to reduce the cost and pass the savings on to the business owner which is the end user. Of course there are always things you need to watch out for when choosing a service. Check out our previous articles to learn more on how to choose a Professional platform.


3. It’s easy to learnSMS Marketing is easy to learn

Text Message Marketing does not take a Pro to handle anymore. Though it will take someone who is a sorta self marketer to push its growth and get excited for the end results. Today you do not have to know a ounce on the topic of text marketing to start using a service. You can simple sign up for a plan and usually the providers will help train you. I can’t say this for all services but ones like SlickText.com, and a few others provide one on one training.

The most important thing to realize in your text message marketing efforts is that growing your list and sending out campaigns that are high value, time pressured and exclusive is key.


text message marketing is easy to execute4. It’s Fast & Easy to execute

Once you have taken the first baby steps of implementing a straight forward growth strategy you can now start focusing on actually composing and sending out your text marketing message. With certain platforms they have made it so easy to do, that it may take you mere seconds to compose and schedule a campaign.

A key component to composing campaigns is providing high value to your exclusive members on the list. If you aren’t familiar on how to compose a high value campaign please check out our previous post.


5. Text Message Marketing provides instant response

Since Text Message Marketing is 100% permission based you have a very high ROI. There is not adding peoples numbers to the list in text marketing. Remember the customer is joining on their own and it must be that way by law. We are also taking the number 1 form of communication which is texting and combining that with a opt in list. We know that 95% of the messages are opened and read within the first five minutes. Whoaaaaaa baby! That’s right! First five minutes are crucial and if you are following the guidelines form our previous post on how to compose a great campaign then you will have not issue having customers take action to redeem it.


Text Message Marketing Thoughts

With such a small investment you would think more businesses are utilizating text marketing but they are not. Even if you only had ten people on your text message marketing list at least you know all ten would receive the message and at least one of them would take action and redeem your deal. That in it self pays for it self and that’s just ten subscribers.

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