The Secrets behind Text Message Marketing companies using Email Technology

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How to choose the right text message marketing company for your business. #1 – No Email Technology

Though price plays a key role, the real secret to choosing your Text Message Marketing is in the technology not the price.

Professional text marketing services that are using a registered short code and SMS technology to send messages average about .05 cents per text. But what happens when you find a text message marketing service that is below .05 cents per text, way below $.05. We are talking .00168 cents per text in some cases.

 Stay away from low cost Services using Email technology

These services may be using a short code but it does not mean they are doing it the right way. Ask some investigative questions. Here is a simple one, “Do you use SMS or Email technology to send your text messages?” If the answer is Email, say good bye.

Let me give you some insight on the cost of text message marketing. If it seems too cheap to be true it probably is not a service you can trust. There is a cost associated with every text that goes out on a professional platform using SMS technology with a registered short code. A short code is a 5 to 6 digit number provisioned for the use of transmitting SMS messages from software to cell phones and regulated for spam.

If the platform uses a short code but is developed on Email technology, then chances are a good percentage of your messages will get caught in spam filters. There is no way to prevent this. Its like wasted money, low ROI and annoyance all at once.

The only benefit to you, is the low cost. Since these companies are using email systems to send your messages they are saving pennies per text and passing you NO savings. Pretty nice when there is minimal if any cost for the service they provide.  Which saves them money but then charges you anyway.

You also have to worry about your customers when using Email technology. What happens when someone receives a text sent with email technology but does not have a data package or cell phone that can convert the message to SMS? Well, my friend, you are out of luck.

Bottom line, No Email technology. It does not matter if they have a short code or not. In the end its cheap but yields bad results, and can cause you head aches with your customers data plans. Not to mention it is not permitted for mass


Stay tuned for our next series where we break down the companies who use Long codes and Email technology. It will get heated on this one because its unregulated and illegal in some cases. Don’t forget to subscribe.


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