#1 Mistake All Text Marketing Rookies Make

Text Message Marketing

Just because you have a degree in marketing does not mean you are an expert in Text Message Marketing. I see it happen all the time. A business owner has a college grad or seasoned marketer handling their advertising but then comes text marketing and their ego and pride wont allow them to admit they have no idea what to do. Often times these so called experts get involved in new forms of marketing and make the big mistakes.


The Worst Text Message Marketing Mistake

In Text Message Marketing you have boundaries in which you set up from the beginning of a campaign. Things like a monthly frequency which is a set number of messages your customers are opting in to receive on a reoccurring basis. Your frequency should be respected at all times. Respecting your frequency is key in Text Message Marketing. This does not always happen though.

Sometimes you have amateur marketing professionals or business owners who think they know better then the law.  Take the Buffalo Bills for example. They recently introduced a new marketing personnel. This individual took over for the old marketer who was trained on Text Message Marketing and was doing it well. This new individual stepped in and got excited about the response the text marketing campaign received. One thing led to another and this amateur ended up violating the send rate. The subscribers were promised 5 messages a month and the new guy (girl) ended up sending 13 in one week. Ouch!

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to Text Message Marketing. Do NOT make this rookie mistake in your marketing campaign. If you have a new marketing personnel take over your Text Message Marketing make sure they get proper training on it first. Although the companies that provide the texting service can’t offer legal advice some will provide guidelines on what you should and should not do.

Final Note: Text Message Marketing Violations

When using a text marketing service you should always position your self in the shoes of your end users. Think about your subscribers and think about your set frequency. Your frequency in a way is like a contract. If you were a subscriber to a Text Message Marketing list you would feel violated if the company you were in contract with told you only 5 messages a month and then you sent them 13 in one week.


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