Only Way a Business Should Utilize Text Marketing

text message marketing companies should only use SMS tech

If you are NEW to Text Message Marketing then you will want to know this.

Did you know that not all text message marketing services are the same?

Why is this important you might ask, well, lets take a look a some of the basic knowledge you will want to know about text message marketing to protect yourself and your business should you run into trouble.

That is right now all text message marketing companies are the same. In our previous posts we talked about how Email Technology(SMTP), Long codes (10 digit numbers), and text marketing companies using short codes but with Email technology to send your message were all bad news. Now lets take a look at what makes a ethical, compliant, and Professional text message marketing service the best choice for your business or organization.

1. Any Professional text message marketing service will use an approved short code – a short code is a 5 to 6 digit number approved for mass communications. The numbers go through a provisioning process to certify ethical use with all US cellular providers. This process takes around 3 months. Once deemed for appropriate use the text message marketing company can begin offering a shared short code service. Where customers can pick a keyword and use the companies approved short code for communications and marketing. Short codes are designed for mass sending. They can deliver 1800 messages per second as opposed to a long code which is 1 message per second.

According to the guidelines laid out by the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) it is highly unethical, and against Mobile communications to use a long code for mass communications or marketing for businesses. This is for various reasons.

a. Long codes are unregulated – meaning, they have no laws governing them, so opt. out laws do not apply. It is not required by law to remove you from a marketing list if you reply STOP, STOP ALL, END, or CANCEL. This means your customers are going to be one peed off bunch of consumers and this can damage your future relationship. Do not risk it.

b. Long codes are extremely slow РLong codes are not designed for mass or fast communications. This is bad news for your business or organization because time pressured deals can be sensitive as far as how fast you need to get your message out. Especially if it is an emergency. The speed of delivery for a long code is 1 Message per second. This is extremely slow compared to short codes. Do not waste your time.

2. Any ethical, and Professional text message marketing service should only be offering SMS technology to send your messages – SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS is a technology developed for sending short messages in the form of text only. There is no data charges or lost messages. Your message starts as a text, is sent as a text and is delivered as text on your recipients cell phone. With this service there are no additional charges and SMS has a 100% delivery rate for mobile text capable phones as opposed to Email technology or SMTP which gets caught in spam filters and never makes it to your customers cell phone. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is a way of saying, “sending mail electronically”. This is great for emails and sending date but NOT text marketing. Here are the reasons.

a. Email technology can cost your customers money – At the point in which customer receives a SMTP message to their phone it will do one of two things. 1. It will convert into SMS format and your customer will be fine. 2. It will convert into SMS format and your customer will get charged data usage to receive it. Then the angry customer comes at your business or organization for funds to cover the charges or takes your to court. SMTP is bad news so Do NOT risk it.

b. Email technology causes your messages to get caught in spam filters – When a message is composed using SMTP it has to travel through spam filters. At that point the message either gets bounced back, caught in the filter or sent. 1 out of 3 isnt too bad right? WRONG! This means a huge portion of your recipients will never get the message.

c. Email technology is a slow process – Just like long codes, email technology is a long process. When it has to convert data and check in at filters it is going to take longer than 1 second per text to reach your customers. On average it may take up to 5 seconds to receive the message. That could mean the difference between life and death.

Check out our previous post to figure how to tell if your company or future decision to move to a company may be violating your text message marketing rights.

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