Understanding Proximity of Your Text Marketing Campaigns

Text Message Marketing Proximity

The majority of business and organizations that start using text message marketing platforms do not know that your customer is a gentle consumer that needs time to breath and relax before your next sms marketing  campaign. Think about it. If you were a customer who joined a text message marketing list to receive a great deal maybe 4 times a month would you want to receive all 4 in the same week?

NO! The answer is no. This is why understanding proximity of your text marketing campaigns is so important. So what is proximity?

Understanding Proximity in your Text Message Marketing Campaigns

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Proximity, in the text message marketing industry represents the distance between your marketing campaigns. For example if you schedule or release a text marketing campaign to go out tonight for dinner  your proximity would be the amount of time in between that campaign and the next.

Having a set proximity is very important because your customer can be over whelmed if they receive one promotion to close to another it may seem overwhelming to the customer.

Top tips in text message marketing not to violate Proximity

1. Figure out your set frequency

Designate how many times a month you want to promote to your customers.

2. Whats your proximity?

Set a even amount of time in between the text message marketing campaigns you schedule.

3. Stay within your boundaries

If you have a frequency of 4 messages per monthly and you have pick Wednesday to release your text message marketing campaigns then try to stay within 1 or 2 days of that set day for campaigns.

The main point of Proximity is to have a good amount of time in between your text message marketing campaigns. In sms marketing it can be easy to get excited and want to send messages every 2 seconds but you must resist and understand it is a fragile marketing tool that can be abused.



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