Bad News About Long Codes and Email Technology

text message marketing

So called Text Message Marketing companies may be putting you at risk.

If you are like most people researching the industry of Text Message Marketing you will come to find that not all are the same.

Text message marketing companies have ugly step children too.

By far the worst thing you can do is choose a company who is using a long code to do your text message marketing campaigns. Wait now, lets take this one step further. In our previous post we talked about companies using email technology to send text communications but what happens when you come across a company using Email technology and a Long code?

As you remember from our previous post, any real text message marketing service will have a registered short code and will only use SMS technology to send messages. Anything else is unethical, not permitted and down right against Mobile Marketing guidelines.

Since text message marketing is so highly regulated ,Short codes are closely watched by the Federal Trade Commission, and MMA (mobile marketing association). This means no spamming, and all companies must be following all the compliance laws. Since we already know why Email technology is bad lets dive into Long codes and examine what makes them get their bad name.

1. Long codes can be generated easily online with free services – Since there is no cost to own a long code people can easily get their own dedicated number and provide numbers to customers as well.

2. There is no cost associated with long codes – long codes are free compared to short codes which cost thousands per month to own.

3. Long codes are not held to the same standards and compliance as short codes -Expect spam and do not be surprised if your info is sold

4. Long codes are unregulated so people can spam you from them -There are no laws governing long code users. They are highly unethical and against guidelines for marketing purposes.

5. Long codes can only handle 1 message per second – Short codes can put out 30 message per second or more – Shorts codes are 30 times faster than long codes

6.  Not approved for SMS communications with cellular providers -There is no provisioning process to acquire a long code. This means the companies can be as shady as they want.

7. Hard to remember – long codes are hard to remember since they are 10 digits long

8. Short codes are designed with the focus of mass texting – long codes are not set up for mass communications

9. No text to vote, text to win, text to donate or text to pay on long codes – These are features for short codes only

Combine all this mess with Email technology and you have Unlimited Texting, Unlimited Keywords and just about unlimited everything. You are asking for trouble if you get into one of these smooth talkers. There have been countless laws suites with major corporations over these sorts of businesses but since it can freely be developed people created and sell them thinking it is legal.

Businesses or corporations wanting to promote through SMS Marketing must realize you must be using a professional service dedicated to your growth and using a registered Short Code with SMS technology for sending the messages.

If you have any type of dignity, or professionalism stay away from these sorts of businesses. Follow us on our next journey as we discuss our favorite pricing structure; the calculated pricing plan.

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