How to Increase Your Text List Growth Before the Holidays

text message sms marketing

Currently, if you are using a SMS Marketing provider to level up your marketing efforts then you are probably aware of that it takes some effort to continually get great results from this outlet. The end of 2013 is approaching fast so what can you do now to boost the number of people subscribing to your Text Message Marketing list for the Holiday Season and Start of 2014?


Our Top Tips for Increasing your Text Message Marketing List size before the Holidays.


text message sms marketing

1. Post Text Message Marketing Flyers inĀ  your establishment now

This is a simple step. Do it now because the busy season is the best time to grow your list. Also, the holidays are approaching, so make sure you have you have maxed out your list growth to harness the power of text message marketing this holiday season.


text message marketing2. Crack the whip on your employees

You are the business owner, now act like one. Round up your employees and tell them they need to be verbally asking customers to join the list. This is not hard for you to do considering you are the owner. You could even make it a fun game to play between the employees; see who can get the most people to text in to join before the end of the night. Does it get much easier to grow your list? No!


3. Include take home ads in your bags to gotext message marketing

Growing your text message marketing list is the most important thing in your smsmarketing campaign. The more people you have your text marketing list the more power you have to have a higher turn out when you send an exclusive value packed deal.

Stuff the take out bags and retail merchandise bags full of flyers and let them take it home for more people to see and join your text message marketing list. Easy right? Yes!


4. Use Social Media to increase your SMS Marketing list sizetext message marketing

There are many social media crap shoots out there these days and the majority of all of them waste your time if your try to use them for marketing. Social media is great for getting people interactive but the second you try to market your business your followers will disown you. This is why funneling those followers is so important to your sms text marketing campaign.

Text Message Marketing has a higher ROI because it is 100% opt in. This means I join your list because I like your business and you need to send me exclusive text VIP deals. I’m talking deals I don’t want to see advertised anywhere else. This includes social media.


text message sms marketing

Text Message Marketing is a highly effective way to engage loyal and reoccurring customers. When done right you can grow a text marketing list very fast. With proper knowledge on how SMS Marketing works you can get some great results and return on investment.

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