SMS Marketing Strategies for Retail Stores

Text Message Marketing Strategies for Retail Stores Part 1

This is our first part of a series of dedicated to retail locations and integrating text message marketing into your marketing strategy. Having a good strategy in your marketing efforts is key to boosting your stores sales during slow days. What is the point of Text Message Marketing you ask?

The point of text message marketing is to push foot traffic to your retail location by providing value worth redeeming to your loyal and new opt. in customers. Opt. in means they joined the list on their own and want to receive deals via text. This is a component of what makes text marketing so highly effective.

This is why text message marketing has such a high ROI. Think about it, If someone did not want to receive you text message deals they would simply remove themselves from your marketing list. There is no wasted marketing efforts. Lets dive into the first key steps you need to take to hit the ground running.

STEP 1: Find your self a good text message marketing platform that you feel comfortable with and sign up for it. (See our recommendations below)

STEP 2: After you have set up your account you will want to decide on a keyword which will represent the marketing list. This keyword will also be the word that your customers will text to your text marketing providers short code number to join that list.

     Example: Text, ” NY PIZZA ” to 31996. NY PIZZA is the keyword. Notice the keyword represents the business too.

STEP 3: After you set up the keyword you will want to set your auto reply with a great free item, dollar value off or percentage off an order or product. It is very important you understand good auto replies. See this article on how to create an effective auto-reply. Also, include a expiration stamp, such as EXP 5/24 or EXP 7 days. This way you can check against the date received.

STEP 3: Start advertising and promoting your text marketing list. Follow us to our second part of this series that will explain the guidelines and protocols you NEED to follow to grow your list and get amazing results with text message marketing.

Text message marketing has become the gold standard for replacing email marketing in various businesses. Lets dive back into this step by step strategy for integrating your text message marketing efforts in with your retail store.

In our last article we basically went through the steps of what you had to do to set up your text message marketing service. Now we can get into the details of what will happen within your brick and mortar store.

STEP 4: Make your text message marketing efforts are known to all your staff members.

Your employees are the most important tool while growing your text message marketing list. All you have to do here is get them together for a group meeting, explain how text marketing works and tell them it is now protocol to ask every customer to join the text marketing list.

Explain to your staff members that the best way to do this is by directly asking the customer to join at point of sale.

Example: “Would you like to get $5 OFF your total purchase today?” “Yes” “Ok! Text, ” SHOP ” to 31996 to get a mobile coupon and join out VIP text deals list.

This is by far the best tactic for any retail chain or store to grow their list. The power of your employees to push your text list will greatly increase your marketing numbers which in turn will give you better results.

STEP 5: After you have completed your registration of your text marketing service, create some flyers to hand out or place in conspicuous places. See this link for more ideas on where to advertise.

Simply enough right? You’d be sup-prized on how many marketers and business owners can do this simply task.

STEP 6 : Hand out your flyers.

Print out your flyers on four per page or have them professional printed to your liking. Then keep a pile next to your sales counter and after the sales person asks to join the list have them also include a small flyer in the merchandise bag for the customer to take home and have friends join.

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If you aren’t using a text message marketing service for your business yet, you may want to check into it.

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