Text Message Marketing Strategies & Ideas for Pizza Shops

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing & Pizza Shops are the buzz!

How do you integrate Text Message Marketing with your Pizza Shop?

Understanding the components of your auto-reply and composing a great text message marketing campaign are very important. Do not forget the main idea behind text message marketing.

The main idea is to provide outstanding value that is so incredibly that it makes your customer take action and redeem that deal you are presenting. The second part is to be vague enough to drive the traffic into your establishment or to you website.

You’re going to get mad at me when I tell you this, but I’m going to give it to you straight. If you ARE NOT following this exact approach in your Pizza shop then do not expect people to be rushing to you side to redeem your deal. In marketing you have to spend some money to gain some. Lets start with the basics on text marketing for pizza shops.


STEP 1: If your auto-reply is not set up properly, then you can kiss the motivation to join your list GOOD BYE!

Text Message Marketing for Pizza Stores

Text Message Marketing & Pizza

Check out our previous post on How to properly set up your auto-reply

STEP 2: After you have set up your auto-reply as a mobile coupon lets get crackin! Start growing your list.

The best way to grow your list is by directly asking your customer when taking their order if they would like to get a FREE item or dollar value off today. So what ever the deal you are giving in your auto-reply for joining is, make sure you state that up front.

      EXAMPLE: Would you like to get a FREE order of bread sticks today with your order? Sure! Text, PIZZA to  SHORTCODEHERE.

It is that simple. You of course will follow all the other forms of treating your advertising mediums as a funnel for your text deals. This means using them to direct your customers to your text list.

STEP 3: Send a value packed text deal.

Follow us here to learn how to compose a great text deal. Components of a great text message marketing campaign

STEP 4: Understand the ins and outs of text marketing. Good Advice for your text message marketing campaigns.

If you think text message marketing is fly by night sorta marketing medium your wrong. It takes education, creativity and a passion to deliver great value to your customers. If you do not have this, well, get someone to handle your marketing for you.


And that folks, was a quick snap shot into strategy of how Pizza shops use text message marketing. Make sure you Subscribe to get our latest posts on strategies for your industry. We will be discussing a new technique in each post. For a Great Text Message Marketing Service we recommend to try for FREE check these guys out SlickText, Promo2cell, or Tellmycell.


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