Text Marketing Strategies for Movie Theatres

Text Message Marketing Strategies for Movie Theaters & Drive Ins – Text message marketing is the fastest growing marketing tool for small business and organizations at this moment. Many businesses like Movie theaters can take advantage of this great high return on investment marketing outlet.

In this new series we discuss some strategies built around movie theaters & drive ins. As always, we’ll keep it simple for you do it your selfers. Lets take a look at how to utilize text message marketing for movie theaters and drive ins.

Step:1 Setup your Keyword

Setup your keyword to represent your business and offer some sort of incentive for joining in the auto reply message. It could be a free admission or free popcorn or something that entices people to join.

Step:2 Advertise

Advertise this list everywhere. EVERYWHERE! That includes facebook and all your advertising outlets. Use the flyer generator to print flyers and hand out. You can hand them out to patrons coming in at the ticket booth along with their receipt. Also, project the flyer onto your screen during previews or waiting time. Post flyers in easy to view areas so it hits your customers eyes including


Step: 3 Continually announce

Continually ask your customers to join by having employees verbally ask to join and by continually posting and re-posting what the customer gets for joining the list. The easiest thing to do is tell your staff it is now protocol to ask every customer to join the text list. This can be done easily by saying something like this. Hello folks! Today you have an opportunity to get a FREE small Popcorn. Text, ” your keyword ” to 31996 to get a mobile coupon good for 1 FREE Popcorn.



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