Why Eluxury.com is Being Sued Over Text Message Spam

Unwanted Text Message Marketing Deal

You would think that with all the laws that just went in place on the 16th of October that no one would dare to try and spam you through text message. But wait, what is this that I have received on my phone? It is the worst kind of text message marketing SPAM you could ever receive. Not all text deals you may receive are SPAM though. Here are the top reasons Eluxury.cm can be sued for breaking the text marketing laws. 



STOP Text Message Marketing SPAM!

I guess since the Holidays are coming up more shady businesses are trying all they can to promote their deals for Black Friday. This causes us as consumers to get used and abused. Text Message Marketing is an easy outlet for idiots to abuse consumers rights. Here is the SPAM text message 1000’s received the other day. I am calling you out eluxury.cm for this text marketing abuse.

If you have received a text message from, “iphonetui01398rc@sohu.com” you should report this spam by forwarding it to 7726. The majority of US carriers will take action to shut down this company and fine them for abuse.


How to tell you been abused through text message marketingtext message marketing spam abuse

It comes from an email address

If you receive a Text Message Marketing deal and it does not come from a short-code number; you have most definitely been spammed. In the US it is against the law to send a text message deal without following proper opt in and opt out laws. Email technology does not have the ability to follow these text marketing guidelines, especially using this method.



How can a text message come from a email address you ask?

You write a small text message marketing deal and enter the cell phone number as the recipient and thats how they get ya. Any company using this method is breaking the law and can face consumer fines in court if charges are brought up. So eluxury.cm you will probably receive some calls about this soon. In case you need a lesson on the US laws you should visit the Mobile Marketing Associations website to catch up on the US text marketing laws or keep it to your own country.



Additional Background on Text Message Marketing

– If you post your email somewhere on the web chances are you will receive spam

– If your phone number is attached to any media or text on the web, chances are that site has with your number has been crawled by a bot and has added your number to a SPAM list.

-Never post your number online openly

-Never respond to SPAM looking emails

-Receiving end consumers can get charge data rates for conversion of email messages to text messages


Text Message Marketing is a highly regulated and controlled industry within the US. Short codes which are 5 to 6 digit numbers which are highly regulated by law and are required by all business to consumer text message communications. The FTC controls how Professional platforms can communicate and use their short codes for marketing. This means every Professional Platform must follow strict opt in, opt out and anti-spam laws.

When done right you can get great results with text marketing but when abused like in this post you can face fines and shut down by the FTC. If you are new to text message marketing or need a good recommendation to help you understand how to use it we highly recommend SlickText and others to get the best results.




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