Text Marketing Ideas for Car Dealerships

text message marketing for car dealerships

Text Message Marketing continues to show increasing interest through out the industry of marketing. Though, it puzzles me that so many marketers do not understand it yet. For those who you would typically believe to be ahead of the curve on marketing trendsCar Dealerships are the ones who are lacking when it comes to getting a hold of their own text message marketing campaign. Lets break down the basics in this strategy specifically geared towards Car Dealerships and their service departments.

Text Message Marketing for Service Departments

In this strategy we will simply be completing 4 steps to ensure your text message sms marketing campaign has a proper growth. Growth is the most crucial responsibility in any text marketing campaign.


Step 1: Employee engagementtext message marketing employee engagement ideas

The Employee at the service counter must verbally call to action every customer that comes in for service. This means, they should be asking them to join the text message marketing list by clearly stating the incentive and tagline on how to join.

Example: Would you like to get 15% off your service today? Customer: “Sure” Employee: “Text, SERVICE to 31996 to join our loyalty rewards program.

Employee engagement is the fastest way to grow your text message marketing list. You should also let employees know how the text list works and how customers can join or opt out.


text message marketing signage examplesStep 2: Posting Signage inside your establishment

If you are using a SMS Marketing company like Slicktext.com you will be able to customize and print free flyers from your dashboard. Log-in and click on the purple buttont that says, “Create Marketing Materials”. Next, click on the button that says, “Create Text Marketing Flyer”. You will have 2 options, one for large sized flyers and one for 4 per page. You will want to print the large ones and post them in places such as bathroom stalls, lobbies, waiting areas and anywhere your customer’s eyes land.



Step 3: Bag Stuffing & Receipt staplingtext message marketing

Very simple put. You can print off smaller bite sized text marketing flyers from your dashboard to stuff them inside customer merchandise bags, staple to receipts, and also include in new vehicle purchase packets for future text message service deals.




text marketing site growth ideasStep 4: Integrating your website for text message marketing

There are two ways to do this part. For a web widget sign up. On your service page you will want to install a web widget sign up where customers can enter in their phone number and receive a deal back for joining the list.

You may also want to double up and also include a text version so people can read how to join as well just in case they prefer to text in to join instead of entering a number.

Example: Get your next oil Change for ONLY $21.95. Join our VIP list.

Text, SERVICE to 00000

 Do not forget that no matter where you advertise your text message marketing list you need to have proper compliance statements present. Please read our previous post on how to do so below.

Compliance Statement at bottom of page.


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