Text Communications Ideas for Churches

text message marketing for churches

Capture congregation info. with Text Message Marketing

Praise God! Lets grow a text message marketing & Communication list and capture member data for accurate Church records.

Chances are if you are a Church with at least 200 regular members you may want to know more about your congregation but where do you start capturing that info? We have ideas that will help boost your numbers in all areas of the Church with these techniques. Text Message Marketing companies can provide that high tech feel with a simple solution.

text message marketing ideas for chruches

Grow your Text Message Marketing list and Capture Member info.

Now is the time to start thinking about integrating text communications into your marketing strategy for you church. Lets take a look at this 5th part in our series specifically for Churches on how to leverage Text Message Marketing to capture contact information.

Step 1: If you are new to text message marketing & communications please refer back to our previous posts on signing up, picking textwords, and getting started with your strategy.

Step 2: Set up a keyword to specifically for the reason of capturing contacts information. You can simply use your general keyword list for this technique as well. It will be up to you.

Step 3: Set the auto-reply so when a existing or new member joins your list they get back a confirmation for joining. In this confirmation auto-reply provide a link where the member can click and be redirected to a web page to fill out member information card.

     SIDE NOTE: If you do not know what a auto-reply is please see our posts on Good Advice concerning how to set up a proper auto-reply.

Step 4: Before this process starts create a membership sign up form on the Churches website somewhere. If you can make sure this page is at least mobile optimized for size.

Step 5: On service days have the head Pastor announce that to the new and existing members that you will need to bring your cell phone to Church next service.

Step 6: At the beginning of sometime during your next service have the head Pastor or person doing the announcements call to action the members to take their cell phones out and join the communications list and enter in your member information to help the Church get a more accurate number of people and information for Church records.

Praise God! That’s it. Of course if we allow time for the members to bring their cell phones to church and then call them to action to join and fill out the form you will have a high success rate. This technique also works well for just growing the list. This is similar to our first article on this series for Churches.

We have new recommendations for the Church if you want to implement text message marketing & communications into your mix. There are lots of benefits for using text communications like increased attendance, parents & kids for youth group, daily devos. and prayer request.

We here at Text Marketing Today are believers our selves and our current pick which we are utilizing in our two Churches in a company called SlickText. They have amazing customer service and when you call them tell them you were recommended by TextMarketingToday.


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