What is SMS Marketing?

What is SMS Marketing? Mobile Marketing, SMS marketing, & text message marketing kind of sound all the same. But they are not. Lets break them down and mainly focus on the important one: Text Message Marketing!

Mobile marketing is more of a generic term thrown around today to sound fancy. It can really mean many different things but essentially it is many forms of marketing to ones mobile unit, such as a cell phone. If you are using that term, you probably don’t have a focus when talking about mobile marketing.

SMS marketing is just a fancy way of saying Text Message Marketing. A text message, which essentially is a short message typically comprised of 160 characters or less is also know as a SMS message. SMS  is an acronym which stands for Short Message Service. This means the messages starts as text, is sent as text and is received as a text. There is no funny business here.

Many reputable Text Message Marketing services such as Tatango.com, EzTexting.com and the underdog SlickText.com use SMS technology to conduct the majority of all business. Its fast, regulated by law, and reliable. Be weary of companies who have low prices. This can be a sign that the company is not using a registered short code.

For SMS/Text Message Marketing you will want to use a reputable service provider that uses a 5 to 6 digit short code. When you find a company that has one of their own short codes you know they follow the guidelines. Here at TextMarketingToday.com we always suggest what we believe to be our top pick for Text Message Marketing service. Click Here for our pick.

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