Composing a Great SMS Marketing Auto Reply

Text Message Marketing Advice – What makes a good auto-reply!

Many businesses enter the text message marketing industry but not all understand the value they must provide to maintain their customers loyalty to this outlet. Text message marketing is a fragile outlet that when done right can get your business or organization great results. Most businesses will offer great incentives or offers to grow their list. Its like an exchange of goods; a great deal or offer for permission to promote to me via text. Lets examine the components a great text message auto-reply.

The components of a great text message auto-reply

STEP 1: As a common curtsey say, “Thank you!” in one way or another

For opting into your text message marketing list thank the customer for taking action. Like they are shaking your hand. It can be as simply as saying thanks for welcoming them to your VIP text list. These are my top picks.


    Example 1: Thanks for joining!

     Example 2: Welcome to the list!

     Example 3: You did it!

     Example 4: Welcome to the in crowd!


STEP 2:  Tell the customer what the deal is.

SIDE NOTE: If possible, announce the name of the business or organization as well, especially if your keyword does not represent the business or organization name.

After you say thanks explain how to redeem the incentive to the customer. For marketing reasons, the auto-reply should always be redeemable like a coupon in which the customer can use at anytime for some free item, dollar value off, percentage off or in worse cases just a bit of information to brighten their day.

     Example 1: Thanks for joining! Show this text and a FREE entree.

     Example 2: Thanks for joining! Present this text for 1 FREE appetizer at Barrel House Brew Pub.

     Example 3: You did it! Use this text to get buy 2 get 1 FREE.

     Example 4: Welcome VIP Member! Use this text for FREE admission.


STEP 3: Whats your frequency?

For compliance reasons it is necessary for every business to state their frequency in the, “Auto-Reply” message.The frequency is the amount of times the business will be sending promotions each month. This helps build trust and follow compliance laws.


     Example 1: Thanks for joining! Use this text at the Brew House Pub to get a FREE appetizer. Receive up to 3mgs/mon.


STEP 4: When does it expire?

Expiration date is optional. Some say its better to leave it without, others argue with. Our opinion for marketing is that it makes it much easier to set a date in which it time pressures the customer into coming back to redeem your auto-reply deal as well as making it extremely easy to check against an expired mobile coupon.

Here are 2 full length auto-reply messages. They are short, sweet and to the point simple. There is a clear call to action and great value which your customer will trade for joining your list.

     Example 1: You did it! Show this text at Johns Pizzeria to get a FREE appetizer. Receive up to 2mgs/mon. Exp. 5/24

     Example 2: Welcome to the VIP list! Use this text to get a FREE appetizer. Receive up to 4mgs/mon. Exp. 8 days


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