Correctly Timing Your Text Marketing Campaign

A lot of businesses across the World are moving towards Text Message Marketing. As more and more businesses add this method to their marketing arsenal they will come to realize one thing: timing is everything.

In this short article we will break down the idea of timing your campaigns to get the greatest results for the bang.

Step 1: Know your audience

Know your audience. This means stop and ask your self who your customers are, then examine their life style and study the timing in which they consume or purchase your product most often, or what time do you see them the least?

These two simple questions tell you two things. A. Your perfect campaign timing and B. Your worst campaign timing.

     Example: You own a restaurant and your customers most often patron your business at a time convenient usually after work. Take it a step further and we know that Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days. Go one step further and we know that your best customers are those who have steady jobs and get paid twice a month: Once on the 15th and once on the last day of the month.

Next Plan your campaign strategy accordingly. Schedule your campaign at a strategically planned time to coincide with the examined schedules of your customers.

      Example: You are a restaurant  that has a text message marketing service such as It is the 14th of the month. You log into your account a hit the send message button. You set up your campaign and schedule the message to be released strategically on the 15th 45 minutes prior to 5:00 PM.

This gives your patron enough time to call his wife, or significant other and make a reservation to have dinner at your restaurant. Easy enough right?

Here is an example of a great looking text message marketing campaign.

Example Text Deal: Thinking of where to eat tonight? Make your reservation at Bocci’s Italian restaurant before 5:00pm tonight and get 1 FREE appetizer on the house.  Call to reserve 555-5555

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