Finding Value in Your SMS Message

How to provide Value in your Text Message Marketing Campaign

Now that more companies are choosing the avenue of Text Message Marketing it is becoming more necessary to write an article on the value of a text message marketing campaign. It happens to often that companies start off great by providing value in the text campaigns but somewhere down the line they loose focus on providing value in the text marketing message.

Do not let this happen to you in your text campaigns. Providing value beyond what the text is worth receiving is the number 1 focus when composing your text message marketing purposes. Keep value high and non-sense messages low. Lets examine what you can do to keep your texts high value and worth receiving, passing on, sharing and redeeming.

SIDE NOTE: Always remember that text messages do cost something to your customer; no matter if they are on an unlimited plan or pay per text, it is going to cost something.

Tip 1: Consider your customer. Put your self in their shoes on the receiving end. Ask your self if the person on the receiving end is going to see the value in the text message or get excited enough to redeem or come to your business to participate in the sale or event.

Tip 2: Compose your campaign and keep your customer in mind when it comes to cost. If a text costs $.05 to receive does the value of the text being received provide more value then the cost. This is a huge component to adding value to your text campaign.

It is not rocker science. Remember that text is special and should be treated completely different than all your other marketing genres. When I say this I mean, do not make text deals equal to facebook, news paper, print, radio, groupon deals. All outlets need to be viewed and treated as their own separate entity. Each deal through the outlets needs to be different and unique to each avenue as well.

Tip 3: DO NOT send non-sense to people. Remember value is what hooks your customers and value is what keeps them on the list. Text is personal and must have a higher value then your other outlets.

Tip 4: Keep it Exclusive – Customers are giving you consent to send them text marketing messages. Keep this avenue exclusive for the people on the list. This means, providing your VIP text members or Text Rewards customers something special they wont get anywhere else. Why you ask?

You need to keep it exclusive because your text message marketing list has a higher open rate then any other outlet you are using. If you offer the same deal somewhere else, your customers may see that and ask themselves why they need to be on the text marketing list anymore. Keeping it exclusive reduces your opt out rate and keeps ROI high.


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