Text Message Marketing Advice The Importance of your Call-to-Action Tagline

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The Importance of a strong call to action in your text message marketing campaigns.

In this short post we discuss the importance for you and your business to clearly state your call to action for people to join your text message marketing list.

By now you probably know there are a few important things in your text message marketing campaigns; growing you list, providing great value when sending messages and keeping it fun.

Growing your list is key when pursuing text message marketing, but why is it important for you to understand what your call-to-action or tagline are used for? It is important because this is what draws your customer in to joining your text message marketing list without you having to do anything on your behalf.

It is not just about advertising your tagline everywhere possible but also about clearly stating what the customer gets for joining, how to join and the confirmation of joining. Lets take a deeper look.

By now we know that you need to engaging your customer to join your list. It is the most important thing. There are many ways to do this. Here are the top engaging outlets to advertise your tagline and how to do it listed from highest response to lowest response.

1. Verbally engaging – As simple as it sounds, you, your staff, employee, server, bouncer or who ever will literally ask the customer if they would like to join the list by telling them what they will get in return. This typically works well in retail right before the sale transaction. It also works well for restaurants as soon as the server comes to the table.

2. Flyers – Simply put have some flyers done with your hook and tagline. A lot of text message marketing services offer free flyer generators. You can even have them professional done. Hand a flyer to every customer, put one in every bag leaving the store, display these flyers and draw attention to them by pointing out the hook, which is what they will receive in return for joining your list.

3. Social Media – With every tweet that caresses your followers ears, include a tagline and tell them to join. With Facebook include it in the phone number spot and at the bottom of every post. Check out this Salon I found on Facebook that does it. when using Instagram and other outlets visually display your flyers and call to actions.

4. Website – follow this Ecommerce strategy for integrating text marketing into your online website.

     SIDE NOTE: Keep your specials and deals for text VIP members separate then all your other deals. This is very important in text message marketing. If I can get it somewhere else why would I be on your list.

5. Old school Marketing – Take your TV, Radio, Newspaper, Print, Billboard and all other traditional ads and include your hook and tagline on how to join.

     SIDE NOTE: Do not forget to include your compliance statement for message and data rates. This must be visually present where ever you are asking your customers to join. This is the Message and data rates statement.


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