Reminding Customers to Join Your Text Marketing List

Re-Posting & Reminding –¬†You’ve done it! You found yourself a great Text Message Marketing service for your business. You are super excited and have asked every customer to join your list and posted all your flyers all over the World. But now what?

That was last month and today you haven’t done a single thing but assumed by having those flyers out and posting your call-to-action to join your text list on your Facebook News feed one time last month that people will continue to join at a fast pace. Having the mentality that you did it once and don’t need to re-push it again will get you no where.

Example: John signed up for a text marketing service last month. He followed some great guidelines for advertising his text promotions list by telling his employees to ask people to join, posting flyers everywhere, handing out flyers, posting a flyer on Facebook, Twitting the call-to-action to join, and using conventional forms of advertising to tell people about the list.

This lasted for 3 weeks and during that time Johns list sky rocketed because he was on fire for growing his list. Then he let it go and figured it would do its thing. So John stopped pushing it so hard and watch his increase list flat line. His employees stopped asking people to join the list, His flyers were still there but no one was being directed to them to join.

To top all of that off, John hadn’t included his call-to-action in any of his last months post. This meant all of his Facebook followers were oblivious¬† to the fact that a VIP promotions list even existed.

That was a month ago, so no fans of his page saw his flyer for almost month. Not only that, but every time John Twitted something on Twitter he forgot to include his call-to-action to join his list. So now Twitter was also a failed outlet.

Side Note: A call-to-action in Text Message Marketing is just the text asking your customer, member or patron to join your list.

Example: Text, ” Johns ” to 31996

Some of the best results in Text Message Marketing come when you push it hard on every outlet. Reminding your patrons, and Re-posting consistently will drastically increase your numbers. I have even seen businesses include their call-to-action in their address bar on Facebook right next to their phone number. You can also bet that on every post you will find their call-to-action to join.

These businesses are the ones that are pro-active in growing their list. One of the biggest ways to be pro-active is to always have the support of your employees. With out their support you are going to miss huge opportunities to increase your numbers.

Think about it! If every one of your employees asked their customers during check out to join the list you would have an immense amount of grow in a short period.  The larger you grow your permission based list the greater your results will be.


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