Don’t Overuse or Underuse SMS Marketing

Over use & under are the biggest pitfalls you could fall into when using Text Message Marketing. Many times businesses will start using a text message marketing services and it will work great. Their customers will sign up and get there auto-reply deal, and their marketing list will grow, but sometimes they forget it even exists.

Other times, businesses will join a text marketing service and put their campaigns in over drive. People will sign up but then unsubscribe just as fast as they joined because the business is just overwhelming them with messages. Remember text is personal and should not be over done. On the other hand letting a customer forget they were even on a list can have the same effect in the end. Lets take a closer look!

Under use

When a customer signs up for you Text Marketing List they expect to receive a set number of marketing messages a month. Its great in the beginning when you are all fired up to grow your list, but do not forget people are on the other end eagerly waiting for that deal you promised would come twice a month.

When a customer hasn’t received a promo or deal via text in a long time the majority of the time people will forget they were even on the text list to begin with. Then when you go to blast out your creative marketing campaign your customer will be surprised and almost offended because they don’t know why they are receiving promo messages from this business.

If you had kept it constant from the beginning though it would be a whole different story.  Your customers would almost expect it routinely. What can happen in this case is people will most likely unsubscribed when they finally do get your first message.

In the end, make it a habit and do not forget to keep it constant.

Over use

Many times businesses get real excited and think they can just rifle off a bunch of messages all the time and they will get different and better results. This is not true though. Remember text is personal and people can easily be offended if you are bombarding their phones with marketing messages.

Over use will be considered very much like spam to your customer. This will result in people unsubscribing from your marketing list resulting in decreased response when your campaigns get sent out. Do not fall into this pit of no return.

In the end, make it a habit and do not forget text is personal and not meant for spam.


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