Are Your Spamming Your Text Marketing Subscribers?

Nobody likes spam. This is a proven fact. The fact is, just about everyone you know or ask hates spam. Not all spam is the same though. You are probably thinking about dirty no good businesses that high jack your cell # without permission and shoot you annoying messages. In this post we are going to talk about a different kind of spam that you may not know you are doing. Its a thing we like to call, “Cross Promoting”.

      Side Note: Cross Promoting is where a business has two separate text lists setup with completely separate purposes and keywords but promotes the same message to both lists.

 Example: If a business owner owns two complimentary businesses such as a restaurant and a bowling alley and has two separate text lists running for each business then the owner promotes one message to his bowling list and then copies the message and sends it to everyone on his restaurant list.

This would be considered cross promoting! Most likely your patrons and customers will consider this spam.

Example 2: A business owner owns a restaurant but also has live entertainment.  For each both he has two separate text lists setup with a purpose to promote food specials on one and entertainment specials on the other. If he were to send out a food promotion  on the food list and at the same time send that same promotion to the entertainment list, well then its spam.

Think about it. If you had a favorite restaurant that had amazing food but weren’t necessarily interested in live entertainment, well then you wouldn’t want to receive promotions for entertainment period. This is because you only gave permission to the business to send promotions about food specials.

Though the two businesses may be under the same roof or side by side, or even just owned by the same person, it does not mean you can promote one on the other. As a best practice, layout and know the purpose for each list and stick to it. If you cross promote your text lists you will lose valuable permission based patrons to promote to simply because they will remove themselves from your lists.


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