SMS Marketing Opt In Guidelines

text marketing laws 2014

If you are like the majority of business owners using text marketing you were probably flooded with many questions when October 16th came around. You probably crapped your pants when so-called marketers were telling people to re-opt in entire list of already opted in contacts. Trust me a lot of people were feeling the same way. So whats going to change for text marketing 2014?

There are 3 ways a customer can opt in to a Text Marketing Campaign

Starting from October 16th 2013 text marketing guidelines have changed.

1. Join by Texttext marketing
First, and the most compliant way is by allowing the customer, or member to add them selves. This is done by texting your keyword to a short code number. This is a simple one and the best way for you to prove prior written consent according to the Esign guidelines.

Same rules apply here for compliance. We talked about compliance in a previous post. The customer must also be presented with a clear purpose statement of what they can expect. If your text marketing list presented with a message and data rates statement.


text marketing wed widget sign up2. Web Widget Sign Up
Second way is by allowing the customer or member to enter their phone number online at your website or a sign up page via text marketing web sign up box. Same rules apply, the purpose statement must be clear so they know what they are sign up for. Secondly you also need the message and data rates statement present somewhere on the page. For the mass of people who think text marketing is same as email marketing, you are sadly mistaken.



3. Spread Sheet Sign-upsms marketing sign up paper form
Third, the customer can add their number to a spreadsheet. This would be a sign up form on paper or by entering their name in a spread sheet. The Same requirements apply for compliance statement, and purpose of the list. Purpose statement must be next to cell phone number spot when filling in number. Data rates statement can be anywhere on piece that is visible.

More importantly, if you are having people sign up on paper form you will need to retain proof of prior written consent. This means for every one who joins your text marketing list you must retain the form they filled out proving you have their prior written consent.

 Text Marketing opt in guidelines summary

Text Marketing when done right will yield very powerful results. I recently was working with a customer who owns a restaurant. I suggest he try text marketing as a way to reward loyal customers on a consistent basis. He picked a text marketing company and I assisted my client in its growth. Amazingly this was a month ago and even with new compliance laws he has had great success. 30 Days later he has 359 active subscribers and on his first text marketing campaign he sent he had a 15% redeem rate. 25 subscribers took action and redeem his exclusive text marketing deal.


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