SMS Marketing Ideas for Collectives

text message marketing

If you are reading this chances are you run or assist in running a collective that provides needed medical use of marijuana. Collectives have been long targeted and regulated as far as what they can do to get the word out on incoming products and services. If you can’t use Social media and other public sources of advertising why not try Text Message Marketing & Communications to get the message out?

Text Message Marketing & SMS Marketing platforms allow businesses and organizations to be completely anonymous and closed to the public. Imagine only catering to the closed group of individuals who you need to get the messages out to.

Top Uses for Text Message Marketing Platforms for Collectives


1. Text Message Marketing Updates

We all know that one of the most important things a business or organization can do is keep their customer or patients in the look on what is going on. How can collectives do this? Collectives can easily utilize Text Message Marketing platforms to inform their customer in a blink of eye what is going on.

2. Text Message Marketing Promotions

Since you have closed niche of patients who you cater to why not offer them some great deals to make sure they are running down the street to the next dispensary. Offer them a great deal to come in and check out the new product. Give them a exclusive deal which they can not pass up. Here are some examples of how collectives can use text message marketing for their patients.

3. Text Message Reminders for Patients

You may have thousands of patients but how do you keep those appointments on the books and remind them. Easy. SMS Marketing platforms can provide and easy solution to contacting your patients for their upcoming appointments. Try not to use any platform that is using a long code or email technology. Make sure you are on a Professional platform that is using a registered short code and SMS software ONLY to send messages.

This is very important because if the company  you are using is utilizing email software to send messages you must realize that 1/3 of those messages are going to get stuck in spam email filters and if you patient is old school they may get charged for data conversion when they receive it. Then the patient gets a charge for data on their phone bill and you have one upset patient.

With Professional SMS platforms they will only use SMS software so you do not have to worry about conversion or spam filters and you know that it starts as a text and is received as a text. On top of that 100% of the messages are received and sent. This means huge response because 100% of your list will receive the message as opposed to email software that only allow around 60% of your messages to go through or less. This can mean a difference in thousands and thousands of revenue.

One noted fact is that with a professional service the cost is a little bit higher, but it is totally worth the price. With professional sms marketing platforms  you can send a lot of messages really really fast. With companies using long codes instead of shorts codes it could take up to 1 hour before everyone receives the deal. This can cause issues with patients.

The true professional text message marketing platforms can deliver your message to thousands in seconds as opposed to shady companies who use long codes and email software which can take 1 second per text. It does not sound slow but if you have thousands on your list it will be way to slow to use. On top of that half of the patients wont receive the message.

Examples of Text Message Marketing Campaigns

text message marketing

Text Marketing Campaign 1

text message marketing ideas for collectives

Text Marketing Campaign 2

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