Use Scarcity to Become an SMS Marketing Pro

Text Message Markteing

Did you know that around 80% of outgoing Text Message Marketing campaigns do not produce response? It’s true. There are so many business owners out there that assume Text Marketing is a plug and play sorta avenue. However; this is far from the truth. To be a true professional at Text Message Marketing you need more then a business license.

What does Scarcity mean in Text Message Marketing?Text Message Marketing

Scarcity, as defined by a dictionary is the idea that there is an issue at hand that the amount of want or need for a certain product or service far outweighs the actual supply. A key component in any marketing strategy is to have a, “scarcity” of product or service which will motivate your customer or target audience to take action at a faster pace.

Now that we understand the definition of scarcity, lets take a look at how this component is used in conjunction with a successful Text Message Marketing campaign. As reminder, we have covered many components of a great text message marketing campaign. Please visit our, “Good Advice” section for more ideas for your text message marketing campaign.


Lets compare these to Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Without Scarcity: Hunger yet? Tonight @Bobs Burgers between 5 & 9 PM stop in & show this text for 50% OFF your appetizer. Delete after use.

With Scarcity: Hunger yet? Tonight @Bobs Burgers between 5 & 9 PM stop in & get 50% OFF your appetizer. Limited to 1st 20 customers to show text. Delete after use.


Though the first Text Message Marketing example is not bad, it does lack the scarcity component which does promote a portion of your clientele to take action. Marketing is a emotional game. If you can understand how your customer works you can design a better campaign. Playing off the, “limited” quantity component is just one more way you can make sure you are optimizing your Text Message Marketing response rate. Here is another example below.


Without Scarcity: Tonight ONLY @Fremont Bingo Show this text & get buy 3 games & get the 4th FREE. Expires 01/24. (Tonight)

With Scarcity: Tonigth ONLY @Fremont Bingo buy 3 games & get the 4th FREE. Limited to the 1st 50 customers to show this text. Expires 01/24 (Tonight)

Can you tell the difference now? Though, both Text Message Marketing campaigns seem similar to you they are not to the end user. On one end you have announcement with not pressure to redeem. On the other end you have a great offer and you are going to take action to make sure you are one of the First 50 customers to get your 4th game free. In Text Message Marketing every little bit helps. If you are getting into Text Message Marketing, make sure the company you choose provides some sort of support and training. We always recommend services but do your research there are only 1 or 2 good ones out there.




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