Don’t Fall Victim to This MMS Marketing Mistake

Text Message & MMS Marketing Do's & Dont's

MMS Marketing stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Similar to Text Message Marketing, MMS Marketing allows businesses & organizations to add pictures to any outgoing communication or marketing campaign. With this ability you can also send a message that is longer then your typical 160 characters. However; be careful because some phones separate anything over 160 into a second message. This, however is not the big mistake marketers are making.




The MMS Marketing Mistake

Visually enticing your audience is a great marketing concept; however you can easily go the wrong way if you forget the basic guidelines of Text Message Marketing. Remember, Text Message Marketing is exclusive and provides your subscribers with the highest value offers they can possibly get out of all your marketing mediums. Before you add MMS Marketing to your campaign make sure you are a master at text marketing first.

The perfect components of a Text Message Marketing campaign include things like, exclusivity, action to show text, an offer worth receiving, scarcity and expiration date. Put these all together and you will have a better response rate. MMS Marketing is no different and requires the same kind of exclusive offers. The big mistake is becoming more apparent as we move on.


Don’t be an spammer

The worst thing you can do to your subscribers is to advertise to them. What do I mean when I say, “advertise to them”. Advertising is when you display and ad in hopes of some people taking action on it. It is similar to a billboard. When you drive by a billboard you see an advertisement for a business. Whether the viewer takes action on it is completely on them. However; most people do not want to see an unwanted advertisement anyway. This is especially true when they are receiving the advertisements directly to their personal phone.


MMS & Text Message Marketing

How to avoid advertising to your subscribers

There is 1 big mistake you must stay away from when you are involving picture messaging in your Text Message Marketing campaign and there are two variations of this mistake to avoid.

The first variation arises when you simply send a picture that is just that. There is no offer, no value but just a advertisement.  In this case the picture is just like a bill board advertisement.  This is a big no no because it violates the guidelines of text message marketing. Your subscribers are VIP’s and should be treated as such. Don’t just advertise at them. Give them a exclusive offer worth receiving & redeeming.

The second variation is sending a picture with a text message that just reiterates what the picture says. You probably read that sentence and said to your self, “Yea…..that’s dumb.”. Exactly! Your subscribers are going to think it’s dumb too. It’s like passing a billboard on a highway and having a sign below it that just explains the advertisement but doesn’t offer any kind of redeemable exclusive value. I would almost call this spam.

As a suggestion, always provide exclusive value in your Text Message Marketing & MMS Marketing campaigns. Make the text or picture message redeemable for a great offer. Exclusiveness is exactly why your subscribers opted into your campaign to begin with, so DON’T forget it.


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