Creative Text to Win Contest Ideas

Text Message Marketing the Subway Style

I recently visited a Subway franchise store and noticed they were running a text to win contest. Being a marketing buff and expert in text message marketing I could not resist to enter myself. I read the directions and scanned the QR code to enter the contest. 2 seconds later and I had won a year supply of Doritos and was getting my sub half off. Bonus! How can you get the same results with your marketing efforts?



The Subway Text Message Marketing StrategyText Message Marketing by Subway

Subway used text message marketing to capture my contact info and enter me into a text to win contest. They did two things to motivate me to join the contest and sign up for future deals; of course I didn’t need much motivation to want to receive exclusive deals from Subway. They used a, “Door Prize” and a “Grand Prize” to get my butt in gear.

Below are 2 examples you can use to add some creativeness to your text message marketing text to win contest. By providing a door prize (small incentive) and grand prize  (large incentive) you can easily drive up the number of customers opting into the text message marketing list. This in turn drives up the response of your text message marketing campaigns.


How Subway Captured my Vote using Text Message Marketing

1. Provide a Door Prize – When you run a text to win contest you can provide a small incentive just for joining. This will in turn provide a greater incentive for customers to join your list even though they may not win. For Subway the text message marketing door prize was the a FREE half sub just for entering the contest. I texted in and received a, “auto-reply” which read something similar to the message below.

Example Contest Auto-Reply

Thanks 4 joining our VIP list & entering 4 a chance 2 win a $100 gift card. Ur entry has been confirmed. Use this text 2 get Buy-1-Get-1 50% OFF any 6  inch sub. Expires 10 Days Code:TTW50


       Side Note:  – If you have a big enough grand prize sometimes it works well not to provide a door prize for your contest at all, but use your grand prize as the enticing hook. If Subway had not used a door prize I may not have entered at all. Below is a example of what text message marketing contest would need to say in order to entice people with just the grand prize.

Example Contest Auto-Reply (No-Door Prize)
Ur entry 4 the text 2 win a Year Supply of Foot-Longs has been confirmed. Winners will be announced on this date. Anyone can join the contest b4 Sat. Just forward this 2 a friend & have them Text, contest to 00000 to enter.

2. Subway Provided a Great Grand Prize – You should always consider using a interesting incentive when trying to grow your text message marketing list. It is a huge motivating factor. Even if you do not have a door prize incentive you can at least set your auto reply as a confirmation text. 
The Winning Message

You are the winner! You’ve won a year Supply of Doritos. Fill out the form for delivery details at this link. Code number 23555332




How to Advertise Your Text to Win Contest text marketing advertisment

You can advertise your text to win contest similarly to your regular text marketing list. Start with announcing the grand prize for the contest or if you have a door prize you can also mention that. You will want to continually tell your customers and followers to text in before the end of the contest for a chance to win.

Text to win contests are also open to those who may already be on your keyword list. How can we get those who are already on your list to join the contest? Just send them a text message announcing the text to win contest and provide directions on how to enter.

Example for announcing to your exsisting VIP’s
Hey everybody! We are running a text 2 win contest 4 a grand prize of $100 gift card. 2 enter simply reply KEYWORD to 31996 to confirm Ur entry. No purchase necessary. Open 2 everyone.

Hopefully that helps you in your efforts to run a contest. Remember Rome was not built in a day. Just like email marketing you need to continually present the opportunity to join your text message marketing list for exclusive deals. You will have growth but it will not come over night.
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