Consistency in SMS Marketing is Key

Text Message Marketing Calendar Schedule

Consistency is key in Text Message Marketing. I have discussed this topic many times before. I can not emphasize the importance of keeping your Text Message Marketing campaigns on an consistent schedule. Inconsistent marketing campaigns can negatively effect rates of redemption. Start getting higher response today and avoid the inconsistency mistakes of Text Message Marketing.




Consistency is Key in Text Message Marketing

1. Without consistency your Text Message Marketing campaign will lack response

Consistency in any mobile marketing strategy will be key for response. Put your self in the shoes of your customers. If you wait to long to send your next campaign your subscribers may not be prepared to receive.  An offer out of the blue may catch them off guard. You need to put your subscribers in a prepared state of mind to receive. One way we can prepare our subscribers is by keeping our campaigns consistent. So how can we do so?

  1. Utilize a platform such as SlickText and others that have an easy scheduling interface. This will allow you to schedule campaigns into the future. (See below)
  2. Strategically schedule your Text Message Marketing campaigns around your subscriber’s pay periods. More money means better response.
  3. Develop 4-8 exclusive Text Message Marketing campaigns. Exclusiveness provides value to the subscriber.
  4. Schedule those campaigns into the future on a consistent basis. Consistency prepares the customer to receive.
Text Message Marketing Scheduling

Easily schedule your campaigns for the future release.

2. A consistent schedule means more expecting subscribers

I work closely with a vape shop in Oklahoma City and the owner whom, I will keep anonymous, swears his Text Message Marketing is like clock work. He has it fine tuned like a machine. He has acclimated his customers into preparing to receive his next exclusive offer. On the stroke of a key he sends a text message blast for an exclusive offer. At times he has seen close to 20% redemption rate. His subscriber base is just cresting 1000. So how does he do it?

It’s not rocket science, although it can be a lot to learn if you are new to Text Message Marketing. If that is the case for you then I recommend seeking a platform that will provide some sort of 1 on 1 training. There are not many who provide this service but it can be a great addition to the success of your campaign.


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