Connect Your Congregation with Text Messaging

Text Message Marketing for Churches

Is it time to think about Text Message Marketing within your Church? Like many Churches who have already started connecting their congregations through text, you too have the ability to do the same. As many of you know communications is key in any Church. Not only does it help get the word out on special services, cancellations, and alerts but it is a great way to connect new members & those who recently accepted Jesus as their savior.



What is Text Message Marketing?

Text Message Marketing, Text Marketing, and SMS Marketing are all the same thing. You can even categorize text marketing within the mobile marketing side of it. Text marketing and communications is a key way to connect a mass quantity of members and communicate to them all at once via text message. Text Messaging is becoming the gold standard for Churches to communicate and connect their congregations. Even the old Holy Spirit filled women in the back of the Church is texting. This is because it is fast, easy and everyone gets it and you do not need a smart phone to receive a text.

Text Message Marketing

Stay Interactive with Text Message Marketing

Church Texting is growing as a viable communication tool. It does not look like it will be slowing anytime soon. As long as texting is the number 1 form of communication it will be a key tool for many organizations. Churches need a fast, easy and reliable way of communicating and unfortunately email, telephone and snail mail is not where it’s at. One of the ways you can utilize Text Messaging in your Church is by sending automated birthday messages to your congregation.

In our previous posts on good advice for Churches we talked about how to get started and ways to implement your text messaging service within your Church. Birthday text messages go beyond the simple basics. You can now stay connected and interactive with your congregation by sending them automated birthday text messages. What does that mean for the Church?

What does this do for my Church?

Anytime you can connect your members and communicate to them on a mass scale, you’re providing something in common for which the core group can discuss and feel a part of. Connecting to your congregation through a automated system is easy to do but putting that personal touch on it is the hard part.

Think about it, you just joined the Church and you barely feel a part of it, so you hop on the communications list to stay connected. You birthday rolls around and now you receive a generalized birthday text that makes it seem like you are appreciated and welcome at the Church.

Receiving a automated birthday text promotes the member to discuss and talk about the message they received, which in return can promote the member to be more active or decide on participating in this weeks service at Church. The best part about an automated birthday message is you do not have to do anything, Usually this sort of text message marketing feature is automated once set up and turned on. Check out this tutorial on how to turn on and set up birthdays.

If you are deciding to utilize a Text Message Marketing platform in your Church for communications we suggest Slick Text. They are believer owned and operated. They even provide a non-profit ministry discount on your monthly bill if you mention you apart of a Church. Their immense amount of experience with Churches will set you off on the right foot.

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