Chipotle SMS Marketing Scavenger Hunt

Text Message Marketing Chipotle

The Chipotle Text Message Marketing Scavenger Hunt sweepstakes is a simple one but very very intensive campaign as far as setup time. It took a lot of planning on their part. You can plan and execute a similar campaign with your organization. See how Chipotle grew the opt in marketing list, created buzz & interaction all while increasing sales.



Chipotle Text Message Marketing Scavenger hunt


Text Message Marketing – The Chipotle way

You must remember that Chipotle owns their own short code and have their own custom application site to exactly what they want. The 1 unique option they have is to capture customers zip codes which are not necessarily useful in most cases. Don’t worry it’s not a deal breaker to design a Text Marketing campaign similar to theirs.

The basic out line for this text message marketing campaign is, you create a starter keyword which is advertised on their receipts to initially have people text in to get a clue and helpful hint code. Next, they click a URL in that auto-reply text message to visit your mobile site, register their account, then start the first part of the puzzle.

At the same time Chipotle tied in other forms of marketing such as social media, email, website to advertise the code and promote customers to register and participate in the scavenger sweepstakes.

Chipotle setup multiple keywords to represent a new hint and clue every day. So when you went into the store the next day and made a purchase you would have a new keyword to text in. That new keyword sent back a new response with a new hint, hint code and URL to complete the next part of the puzzle.

With the registered customers competing for new pieces of the puzzle to the complete it the fastest, they simply awarded they first 20 to complete the puzzle with the opportunity to be entered into a final drawing. At the same time Chipotle was opting those participants into their text marketing campaigns. On top of participating in the scavenger hunt the contestants were receiving exclusive offers once a week to redeem the text for a special deal. At which point, Chipotle made a sale and gave out another receipt with a new keyword for the next part of the puzzle.

There are many components to this campaign. You need a lot of keywords and many messages. It also involves a lot of planning to execute a Text Message Marketing campaign similar to this one. In most cases you need a team charged with areas specific to growing  your opt in list. For example, one person for facebook, one for twitter, one for instore receipts and so on. This will help maximize opt in rates and drive interaction with your scavenger hunt campaign.


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