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App Development Companies Look to Text Message Marketing for Help

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With a growing number of Apps being generated these days it is no wonder the App development companies have been looking towards alternate marketing outlets like Text Message Marketing for help. Text Marketing companies provide a easy interactive solution to help boost the numbers of downloads your customers can get a hold of. In this short post we discuss 4 basic ideas for launching an App at a trade show style outing where crowds of people will be present.

Bad News About Long Codes and Email Technology

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So called Text Message Marketing companies may be putting you at risk.

If you are like most people researching the industry of Text Message Marketing you will come to find that not all are the same.

The Secrets behind Text Message Marketing companies using Email Technology

text message marketing

How to choose the right text message marketing company for your business. #1 – No Email Technology

Though price plays a key role, the real secret to choosing your Text Message Marketing is in the technology not the price.