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SMS Marketing Ideas for Travel Agencies

Text Message Marketing

 Here is tip #1 on Text Message Marketing & the Travel Agency Industry

1. Instantly Push Last Minute Text Message Marketing Deals to your Customers.

Anytime you have customers traveling, last minute changes are monkey wrenches in the mix. There are always multiple reasons such as, the plane sold out of seats, other people missed their flight which leaves you with openings, and or a customer just flat our cancelled at the last minute. Do not think of these opportunities as a complete loss though. The fastest and easiest way to turn this situation into a plus is by Text Message Marketing Communications.

Since the majority of travelers are eagerly looking for deals it is extremely easy to offer them something great in return to be notified via text message marketing to receive the best rewards.

When you have last minute deals available you need to get them out quick. Send your customers the last minute deal while combining that with a UN-resistible incentive for taking immediate action on that text message marketing deal. to fill the spot. Include a link to so customers can click to be the first to redeem and let your op in text message marketing list fight over who can redeem the deal first.

Customers are going to thank you for the Half-Off airway tickets or free luxury hotel suite upgrade. If the customer is on the list chances are they want the exclusive offer.

Another great technique to add to this text message marketing campaign is to make it quantified. This means limit it to a certain amount of first come first serve respondents. This a great technique for text message marketing not only because its time pressured but because it is limited in quantity which makes the deal even more appetizing to your opt in text marketing customers.

2. Announce New available destinations instantly to your Text Message Marketing Rewards Customers

It is highly important to know about the latest and newest destinations available. Travelers will not always visit your website, read email news letters, or even scroll your Facebook, but, they ALWAYS carry their cell phone with them. 98% will check their text messages within seconds no matter what the message is about.This is why communicating and marketing to them through text message marketing is so highly useful.

You can easily reach 100% of your opt in text message marketing list and send them targeted specific announcements on new destinations, and information. Your customer can look through endless travel brochures, emails, Facebook posts, snail mail but they don’t. Your customer is on-the-go almost 100% of the time. If you want to deliver a specific marketing message to them you need to do it through text message marketing and communications.

SIDE NOTE: As a best practice make sure you are studying demographics of your customer and travel trends. The peaks of the travel season are the best to execute marketing campaigns. This is just one reason why text message marketing is so highly useful in this industry.

 3. Assist your Customers in Travel Arrangements using Text Message Marketing

Your company has made all the arrangements and the customers vacation is underway but that does not mean they are done with your assistance. To a consumer making travel plans can be time consuming and a guidance may be what they are looking for. This is where the big benefit of Text Message Marketing kicks in.

Does the customer have travel insurance? What are the baggage requirements and what about regulations that they should be notified about? Is their flight going to be delayed? This are all instances where Text Message Marketing platforms would be a perfect to send your traveling customers updates via text.

When the customer has booked their destination, schedule a series of flight reminders and departure text message marketing reminders so that the customer can be on their A-game every step through the vacation. Imagine leaving your boarding pass in your backpack and just receiving update reminders through out your traveling experience. Relax, we will update you when you plan departure time is. Text Message Marketing makes is extremely easy to do so.

Of course this is a great extra step and it may require a bigger company to do so or if your really want to differentiate your self between the competition you may consider this. But how can we harness text message marketing with little effort on the agents end and end users side?

Use a Text Message Marketing Platforms api Documentation

With bigger companies you can have developer alter the way certain platforms work. Most companies like SlickText offer whats called, “api Documentation”. api stands for Application Programming Interface. Of course you and I may be confused on this term but to a developer it is second nature.

Your developer can make the existing platform do just about anything you want by connecting it to your existing software. This means when your travel agent schedules a flight, he/she can easily enter the customers cell for text message marketing reminders and the system can do the rest. No wasted time on your part.




Only Way a Business Should Utilize Text Marketing

text message marketing companies should only use SMS tech

If you are NEW to Text Message Marketing then you will want to know this.

Did you know that not all text message marketing services are the same?

Text Message Marketing Strategies & Ideas for Pizza Shops

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing & Pizza Shops are the buzz!

How do you integrate Text Message Marketing with your Pizza Shop?

Understanding the components of your auto-reply and composing a great text message marketing campaign are very important. Do not forget the main idea behind text message marketing.

Text Message Marketing Ideas – Haunted House Attractions & Hayrides

Text Message Marketing

This is not true considering a vast number of amusement and attractions venues are just cresting the widely growing mobile marketing industry. With social media, mobile marketing and text message marketing growing at an exponential rate as preferred marketing choice its not wonder the amusement industry has created a creepy interest in text message marketing. Do not dump your dead marketing outlets just yet though, because integration is key when utilizing this growing medium. Lets take a look at how the amusement and attraction industry utilize text message marketing to have fun, interact, and market to their loyal customers.

STEP 1: Find yourself a great text message marketing service.

STEP 2: Pick a keyword that represents your haunted attraction

STEP 3: Set your auto-reply. (See our previous post on how to set up your auto-reply)

Start growing your list. Lets break down your step by step instructions for you Haunted House Marketing Strategy.

STEP 4: Design and print your text message marketing flyers

Print out marketing flyers for you Haunted attraction text message marketing list. Do not be scared to have a professional dazzle up this ghoulish looking flyer to give your customers an eye popping experience.

SIDE NOTE: With certain services you can print free flyers off your text message marketing providers website under your account. The flyers typically include your call-to-action to join by text message and a QR code for your tech savvy customer to scan and join your text list.

STEP 5: Post your text message marketing flyers everywhere

Take these flyers and do heavy advertising all over your area. The best time to grow your list is when you are the busiest, so during your scary events make sure you have staff members handing out your flyers and also asking your patrons and deadly guests to join your text message marketing list.

SIDE NOTE: The best technique to grow your list is by having your cashier, staff, salesman, or ghoulish serial killers to ask your customers to join verbally. If they say no influence them with a chain saw.

STEP 6: Digital copy

Next, create a digital flyer that you can post all over the web ad advertising which includes your text message marketing call-to-action to join your text list.Usually, when advertising your text list online you will want to make your hoot known so the customer knows what you get for joining the list.

STEP 7: Pre-Season growth

Technically this should be one of the first steps but you can do it for the following year. During the preseason events and advertising, you should be growing your text message marketing list by offering a great incentive to join the list. Think of what you could do to grow your list. Lots of people will join simply because they want the incentive and most will want to get a text shot to them when you are ready and open for business.

     Example 1 : Join the ghoulish VIP list and get pre-season tickets for opening night. Text, “GHOULS ” to 00000.

Simply set your auto-reply to be a text message in wri

tten so the customer can redeem for free admission. If you do not know how to set up an auto-reply check out our previous post.

STEP 8: Host a Text-to-win contest every night during your attraction.

This is a great way to to grow your text message marketing list and get customers interactive is by hosting a text-to-win contest. Make sure you have prizes ready to give away. This will promote people whom otherwise may not join to join your contest. Many text message marketing services have great services to set up a text-to-win contest. Check out this video from one of our favorites on how to set up a Text-To-Win contest.

SIDE STEP 8.5 Breaking down your text-to-win strategy further.

With a service like SlickText you have the option to alter your contest auto-reply, and your winning message. Essentially, you pick the number of winners, start time, and end time then let the system do the rest. Super simple.

a. Set up and schedule a contest to run every single night you have attraction hours.

b. If you are running 10 nights for the season set up 9 identical contests. Yes, I said 9. I will tell you what we will do with our 10th in a second.

c. For the first 9 nights you will run a contest that has a cool incentive to enter or maybe the grand prize is the incentive to enter, then set up your winning message with a great grand prize.

d. You have 9 identical grand prizes to give out the first 9 nights but what about the tenth?

Here is what you do. On the tenth night get a really really big grand prize so big that people will drool over the prize and enter. Use this grand grand prize only on your last night. Lets pretend it is an iPad and for the first 9 nights the nightly grand prize was only free admission, free drink or ghoulish hayride.

Advertise this grand prize for the people that enter the text message marketing list so that only people who enter by texting in your keyword can join the contest and be eligible to win the GRAND prize; an iPad. After you have grown your list for 9 nights compose a message to go out to all who enter your keyword list for the nightly contests.

Tell them that tomorrow night we will be giving every one the chance to win an iPad. All you have to do is be present for the instructions on how to enter. You will also want to compose a message to your dead VIP members the night of to let them know they must be present to redeem the prize.  Once your dead audience has arrived announce to them what is required to enter the contest to be eligible to win an iPad. You can do this 3 different ways but as a marketer I recommend you hit up all three.  1st way: Compose a message similar to this.

     Example 1: Good evening all you Ghouls and Goblins. We are running a contest to win an iPad. To be eligible get here by 9 PM for further instructions. No purchase necessary. See you TONIGHT! MUAHHAHAHAHAH!

     Example 2: (if you just want everyone to be eligible) Good evening all you ghouls and goblins. We are running a contest start now to win a iPad. To be eligible reply, “GHOULS” to this message NOW. You have 1 hr before the contest ends to do so. Winners must be present to redeem.

Alternate: Announce to all who are at your haunted attraction attendees on how they can enter to win an iPad or just let them know you will be announcing instructions at a certain time during the night so stick around. Keep them in suspense the whole night by doing so over and over again. This will be great for concession sales.  When the time comes, announce to all your attendees the instructions on how to join.

Ex. Text, “GHOULS” to 00000

Alternate 2: Hand out your text message marketing list flyers and let people join on their own. The best results for growing your text message marketing list are from all 3. Don’t play dead on this one make sure you are proactive with your text message marketing campaigns.


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Text Marketing Strategies for Night Clubs

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Text Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Sites

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This is a great way to increase sales online while spending very minimal amounts of money for a high return on investment. You could easily spend $500.00/month on a text marketing plan and release one campaign for a great deal or sale and make it all back ten fold within minutes.

Text Marketing Strategies for Movie Theatres

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