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Chipotle SMS Marketing Scavenger Hunt

Text Message Marketing Chipotle

The Chipotle Text Message Marketing Scavenger Hunt sweepstakes is a simple one but very very intensive campaign as far as setup time. It took a lot of planning on their part. You can plan and execute a similar campaign with your organization. See how Chipotle grew the opt in marketing list, created buzz & interaction all while increasing sales.

Use Scarcity to Become an SMS Marketing Pro

Text Message Markteing

Did you know that around 80% of outgoing Text Message Marketing campaigns do not produce response? It’s true. There are so many business owners out there that assume Text Marketing is a plug and play sorta avenue. However; this is far from the truth. To be a true professional at Text Message Marketing you need more then a business license.

Why Include Text Message Marketing in Your Annual Budget

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing has one of the highest ROI’s per marketing medium. Text Marketing or SMS Marketing as many call it is the ability to grow a 100% opt in marketing list where the customers who add themselves want to hear what you have to say. That being said, you take the largest form of communication, which is text messaging and combined that with permission based opt ins and you have one powerful tool. 

Creative Text to Win Contest Ideas

Text Message Marketing the Subway Style

I recently visited a Subway franchise store and noticed they were running a text to win contest. Being a marketing buff and expert in text message marketing I could not resist to enter myself. I read the directions and scanned the QR code to enter the contest. 2 seconds later and I had won a year supply of Doritos and was getting my sub half off. Bonus! How can you get the same results with your marketing efforts?

Holidays Are the Best Time to Grow Your SMS Marketing List

Text Message Marketing

What is Text Message Marketing? Text Message Marketing or SMS Marketing as some may call it is a form of marketing in which your customers give you consent to send them marketing messages in the form of a text. It has one of the highest ROI’s per any marketing medium because your customers want to hear what you have to say. Text Marketing can easily be used by all size businesses.

Text Marketing Ideas for Car Dealerships

text message marketing for car dealerships

Text Message Marketing continues to show increasing interest through out the industry of marketing. Though, it puzzles me that so many marketers do not understand it yet. For those who you would typically believe to be ahead of the curve on marketing trendsCar Dealerships are the ones who are lacking when it comes to getting a hold of their own text message marketing campaign. Lets break down the basics in this strategy specifically geared towards Car Dealerships and their service departments.

How to Increase Your Text List Growth Before the Holidays

text message sms marketing

Currently, if you are using a SMS Marketing provider to level up your marketing efforts then you are probably aware of that it takes some effort to continually get great results from this outlet. The end of 2013 is approaching fast so what can you do now to boost the number of people subscribing to your Text Message Marketing list for the Holiday Season and Start of 2014?

5 Things You Need for a Text Marketing Push

text message marketing

The true experts in the field of Text Message Marketing know there are a few key things that every one who wants to take on text marketing for their business must realize and implement. It is easy to hire a marketing company to handle your Text Message Marketing campaigns. It’s another thing to take the bull by the horns and do it  your self. I do not mean to make it sound hard because it is not and hopefully you are not paying someone to do this for you, but companies like SlickText and others make it very easy to manage a SMS Marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing Ideas for Collectives

text message marketing

If you are reading this chances are you run or assist in running a collective that provides needed medical use of marijuana. Collectives have been long targeted and regulated as far as what they can do to get the word out on incoming products and services. If you can’t use Social media and other public sources of advertising why not try Text Message Marketing & Communications to get the message out?

How Gyms Use Text Marketing to Increase Sales

text message marketing

If you are like most people who own a gym or are searching for creative ways to get the work or communications out to your members and staff, then you may want to consider Text Message Marketing.

Think about it. Your members join your sms marketing list on their own because you give them a great deal. You reward them through-out the month with even better deals that boost sales and increase memberships. All while using a simple text message marketing platform to do so.