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Legalities Behind Text Message Marketing

Within the Text Message Marketing industry their are certain lines you do not cross. On a recent phone call with a potential customer we discussed text marketing compliance. Although there are many businesses and organizations utilizing this form of mobile marketing now there are still thousands and thousands who are un-aware of the laws surrounding this medium. Lets dive further into the subject matter.

Why is Being Sued Over Text Message Spam

Unwanted Text Message Marketing Deal

You would think that with all the laws that just went in place on the 16th of October that no one would dare to try and spam you through text message. But wait, what is this that I have received on my phone? It is the worst kind of text message marketing SPAM you could ever receive. Not all text deals you may receive are SPAM though. Here are the top reasons can be sued for breaking the text marketing laws. 

SMS Marketing Opt In Guidelines

text marketing laws 2014

If you are like the majority of business owners using text marketing you were probably flooded with many questions when October 16th came around. You probably crapped your pants when so-called marketers were telling people to re-opt in entire list of already opted in contacts. Trust me a lot of people were feeling the same way. So whats going to change for text marketing 2014?

Are You Spamming SMS Marketing Subscribers?

Text Message Marketing Advice – Are you spamming and don’t know it?

OHHH buddy! Here we go. I hope you guys can grasp this one. No body likes a spammer and if you do not know the ins and outs of text message marketing you will become one. Education is key. Everybody is offering a text marketing service but no body wants to help you in your campaigns unless your with and a few other sms marketing providers.

Are Your Spamming Your Text Marketing Subscribers?

Nobody likes spam. This is a proven fact. The fact is, just about everyone you know or ask hates spam. Not all spam is the same though. You are probably thinking about dirty no good businesses that high jack your cell # without permission and shoot you annoying messages. In this post we are going to talk about a different kind of spam that you may not know you are doing. Its a thing we like to call, “Cross Promoting”.