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Finding Value in Your SMS Message

How to provide Value in your Text Message Marketing Campaign

Now that more companies are choosing the avenue of Text Message Marketing it is becoming more necessary to write an article on the value of a text message marketing campaign. It happens to often that companies start off great by providing value in the text campaigns but somewhere down the line they loose focus on providing value in the text marketing message.

Do not let this happen to you in your text campaigns. Providing value beyond what the text is worth receiving is the number 1 focus when composing your text message marketing purposes. Keep value high and non-sense messages low. Lets examine what you can do to keep your texts high value and worth receiving, passing on, sharing and redeeming.

Don’t Overuse or Underuse SMS Marketing

Over use & under are the biggest pitfalls you could fall into when using Text Message Marketing. Many times businesses will start using a text message marketing services and it will work great. Their customers will sign up and get there auto-reply deal, and their marketing list will grow, but sometimes they forget it even exists.

Other times, businesses will join a text marketing service and put their campaigns in over drive. People will sign up but then unsubscribe just as fast as they

Correctly Timing Your Text Marketing Campaign

A lot of businesses across the World are moving towards Text Message Marketing. As more and more businesses add this method to their marketing arsenal they will come to realize one thing: timing is everything.

In this short article we will break down the idea of timing your campaigns to get the greatest results for the bang.

Reminding Customers to Join Your Text Marketing List

Re-Posting & Reminding – You’ve done it! You found yourself a great Text Message Marketing service for your business. You are super excited and have asked every customer to join your list and posted all your flyers all over the World. But now what?

What is SMS Marketing?

What is SMS Marketing? Mobile Marketing, SMS marketing, & text message marketing kind of sound all the same. But they are not. Lets break them down and mainly focus on the important one: Text Message Marketing!

Mobile marketing is more of a generic term thrown around today to sound fancy. It can really mean many different things but essentially it is many forms of marketing to ones mobile unit, such as a cell phone. If you are using that term, you probably don’t have a focus when talking about mobile marketing.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Text Marketing

The text marketing industry is seeing explosive numbers this year. Why? Business owners all around the country are finally starting to get that outbound marketing isn’t nearly as effective as inbound marketing when looking at long term effectiveness. There are hundreds of reasons why you should set up a text marketing list today for your business. Here are a handful…


1.) Your marketing message lands in your customer’s hands instantly. When you press the “Send My Text” button, 97% of your customers will be reading your message within 5 minutes. Stop and think about how powerful that is…