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Consistency in SMS Marketing is Key

Text Message Marketing Calendar Schedule

Consistency is key in Text Message Marketing. I have discussed this topic many times before. I can not emphasize the importance of keeping your Text Message Marketing campaigns on an consistent schedule. Inconsistent marketing campaigns can negatively effect rates of redemption. Start getting higher response today and avoid the inconsistency mistakes of Text Message Marketing.

Don’t Fall Victim to This MMS Marketing Mistake

Text Message & MMS Marketing Do's & Dont's

MMS Marketing stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Similar to Text Message Marketing, MMS Marketing allows businesses & organizations to add pictures to any outgoing communication or marketing campaign. With this ability you can also send a message that is longer then your typical 160 characters. However; be careful because some phones separate anything over 160 into a second message. This, however is not the big mistake marketers are making.

#1 Mistake All Text Marketing Rookies Make

Text Message Marketing

Just because you have a degree in marketing does not mean you are an expert in Text Message Marketing. I see it happen all the time. A business owner has a college grad or seasoned marketer handling their advertising but then comes text marketing and their ego and pride wont allow them to admit they have no idea what to do. Often times these so called experts get involved in new forms of marketing and make the big mistakes.

Pros & Cons of MMS Marketing

MMS Marketing appetizers

Lets get visual for a moment. No, seriously. Let’s talk about MMS Marketing. I am sure you have heard that a million times or not. Maybe you are new to the term. Maybe you have started out in the Text Message Marketing arena and are now stepping over to MMS Marketing. Well, unlike Text Message Marketing, MMS Marketing is a lot different.

Definition of Text Marketing Automation

Text Message Marketing Automation

Wow! That’s a new term. You are probably wondering what Text Message Marketing automation is. If you are familiar with mobile marketing, sms marketing or text marketing you may have experienced a little Text Message Marketing automation at some point. This term used to categorize any part of your text marketing campaign that can be easily automated for the business or organization to save time and money. The more automation, the less effort the marketer has to put into getting response. Lets take a look at some forms of Text Message Marketing Automation.

Understanding Proximity of Your Text Marketing Campaigns

Text Message Marketing Proximity

The majority of business and organizations that start using text message marketing platforms do not know that your customer is a gentle consumer that needs time to breath and relax before your next sms marketing  campaign. Think about it. If you were a customer who joined a text message marketing list to receive a great deal maybe 4 times a month would you want to receive all 4 in the same week?

Text Message Marketing Advice The Importance of your Call-to-Action Tagline

text message marketing

The Importance of a strong call to action in your text message marketing campaigns.

In this short post we discuss the importance for you and your business to clearly state your call to action for people to join your text message marketing list.

Composing a Great SMS Marketing Auto Reply

Text Message Marketing Advice – What makes a good auto-reply!

Many businesses enter the text message marketing industry but not all understand the value they must provide to maintain their customers loyalty to this outlet. Text message marketing is a fragile outlet that when done right can get your business or organization great results. Most businesses will offer great incentives or offers to grow their list. Its like an exchange of goods; a great deal or offer for permission to promote to me via text. Lets examine the components a great text message auto-reply.

How to Fail at Text Marketing

Many companies in all sizes are utilizing and adopting Text Message Marketing as a prime form of marketing for their business model. Though many companies adopt this form of marketing not all are experts in this field; therefore many fail.

3 Trending Marketing Forms for Business Owners

Text Message Marketing Advice – 3 Trending Forms of marketing

Don’t be left in the dust when it comes to your marketing. Get on the ball with your resources and kick up the notch on your efforts to get the best results. We all know text message marketing can be a very inexpensive marketing outlet depending on who you choose. The majority of the time it pays off with one text marketing campaign. This makes return on investment very high.