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Connect Your Congregation with Text Messaging

Text Message Marketing for Churches

Is it time to think about Text Message Marketing within your Church? Like many Churches who have already started connecting their congregations through text, you too have the ability to do the same. As many of you know communications is key in any Church. Not only does it help get the word out on special services, cancellations, and alerts but it is a great way to connect new members & those who recently accepted Jesus as their savior.

Text Communications Ideas for Churches

text message marketing for churches

Capture congregation info. with Text Message Marketing

Praise God! Lets grow a text message marketing & Communication list and capture member data for accurate Church records.

Best Text Messaging Strategies for Churches

Strategy #1: Communication within your Church community is very important. Though, we all know the down fall of out dated forms of communication. With texting you do not have to worry about that, at least not yet. Texting is now the #1 form of communication.

Its also safe to say that if you are researching Text Message communications for your Church or organization that you have a need for it. In this Strategy series we will discuss techniques you can easily duplicate to grow your communications list and keep your congregation or youth connected. Lets get started!