App Development Companies Look to Text Message Marketing for Help

text message marketing for apps

With a growing number of Apps being generated these days it is no wonder the App development companies have been looking towards alternate marketing outlets like Text Message Marketing for help. Text Marketing companies provide a easy interactive solution to help boost the numbers of downloads your customers can get a hold of. In this short post we discuss 4 basic ideas for launching an App at a trade show style outing where crowds of people will be present.

It is important to remember that you do not want to limit yourself to any 1 outlet in advertising you text message marketing campaign. If you only have one medium pushing your sms marketing list for growth you will be missing a large portion of opt in.

Text Message Marketing Strategies for App Development Companies

Below I have outlined the 3 basic growth strategies you will want to pursue during your event and app launch using text marketing.  As a suggestion, I would consider developing more then just 3 sms marketing strategies to optimize your text message marketing campaign for growth. This way, further down the road you can use this marketing list for more than just app downloads. Think about it. You can also sent text deals for new versions of the app, or add-on for the app. Lets say you release an exspansion verious of your app; you can easily send out a text message marketing deal to your loyal fan base to redeem.

Text Message Marketing Opt in Strategy

     Side Note: Make sure you set up your auto reply to contain 2 links so the customer can text in to receive a link for ios or android should they choose to text in and download your app.


1. Verbally asking at your eventtext message marketing for restaurants

Verbally asking is the most powerful way to engage your customer and have them join your text message marketing list. Simply, make an announcement every so ofter to text in to download your app and get a great deal.

As a best practice I would suggest creating some sort of small incentive for downloading the app or for texting in. Such as running a text to win contest to entice people to join or just come up with a great text message marketing deal to include in the auto reply message.


Text to Win Tutorial

The goal with any text message marketing campaign is to optimize your campaign for growth. Typically this is done for future text marketing power. In your case we want to optimize for potential app downloads then push campaigns to those customers for updated versions, and expansion packs to increase continued sales growth.

  1. You can even choose to have a sign up sheet present where a customer could sign in with cell phone number, check a box for compliance, present them with a clear purpose statement, and then a compliance statement at the bottom.

Required Verbiage for Text Message Marketing Pieces

List purpose (Marketing)

Required – Clear purpose statement, & Message and data rates statement.


Purpose Statement: Get on our VIP list and get our app for Half OFF.

Tagline: Text, iOS to 31996

Data statement: Standard message & data rates apply. Text “STOP” to Stop. Text “HELP” for help. Receive up to (Frequency of Send) messages per month. No Purchase necessary. (Link to terms and conditions here if)



2. Mobile sign-up Landing Pagetext marketing landing page

As a creative, fun and more interactive approach you could create a special mobile or “ipad sized” landing page that is specifically designed for your contacts and customers to sign in to join  your text message marketing text to win contest while at the same time receiving a auto-reply with a unique link for android or ios to download your app.



i.     You simply create a landing page and use the SlickText web widget to create two separate sign up boxes. 1 text message marketing ideasfor android and 1 for iphone users.

ii.     At your event have a platform where a ipad is mounted. On the ipad, have the landing page present so   when your contacts come over they can easily enter in their mobile number and go.

iii.     You could even do two separate landing pages for each type of user, then set up separate lines that the customer can go through. Each line will have an ipad to sign up with.



text marketing advertising3. Large Flyers / Banners

Simply put, have large banners printed and designed as an additional way of calling your customer to action to sign up for list and download the new app.




4. Bookmarkssms marketing advertisements

Creating a bookmark in which the customer can tangibly take home. The bookmark; which is like every advertising piece will have a call to action to text in to join.

i.     Just like all advertising pieces a clear purpose statement will be required to convey what the consumer is texting in for.

ii.     You will also need a message and data rates statement at the bookmark that is visible but does not have to be in your face.





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