5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Text Marketing

The text marketing industry is seeing explosive numbers this year. Why? Business owners all around the country are finally starting to get that outbound marketing isn’t nearly as effective as inbound marketing when looking at long term effectiveness. There are hundreds of reasons why you should set up a text marketing list today for your business. Here are a handful…


1.) Your marketing message lands in your customer’s hands instantly. When you press the “Send My Text” button, 97% of your customers will be reading your message within 5 minutes. Stop and think about how powerful that is…

2.) Your customer always have their phones on them. Think about it. When you leave your house, you always have 3 things on you. You have your keys, your wallet and your cellphone. Because most of your customers have their phones within an arm’s reach at all times, the opportunity to drive immediate traffic to your business goes through the roof!


3.) Text marketing is very very very very targeted! Was that enough “very” to get the point across? Everyone that is on your text list is there because they are a customer of yours and want to be in the loop about what’s going on with your business. When you send a message to 400 subscribers, that’s 400 people who love you and plan to come back.


4.) On average, 25% of mobile coupons are redeemed. “Is this guy serious?” Yes!! That is the statistic on average. So let’s take that same text marketing message to 400 people. Let’s say you own a restaurant and tonight is a slow night for you. If you can blast out a relevant deal to your customers, that’s 100 customers that you may not have seen otherwise.


5.) It’s inexpensive. Most small businesses don’t spend more than $200 per month on their text marketing service. Actually, most spend under $100. Compare that to your phone book, radio, newspaper and all other forms of dead marketing you use. The effective doesn’t even compare. you need to check out text marketing if you don’t use it yet. It will be very much worth your while.


We have listed several text marketing companies on the right of this article. Check them out, see which ones you like the best. All of them are inexpensive and will help to grow your business!

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