Text Marketing is Great for Boosting Traffic When Business is Slow

Text Marketing

Most people who own businesses find themselves wondering whether or not their advertising is having any boost on sales. During times where things are slow, marketing and advertising can be exceptionally frustrating.

Business owners in today’s economy will tell you they’re growing increasingly tired of the small responses they see from traditional advertising methods such as newspaper and phonebook. This article briefly runs through 4 reasons why text marketing is the perfect fight that particular stress.

1.) It generates direct responses.

With text marketing, your subscribers can respond within minutes to the promotions that you send their way. This works exceptionally well on those slow days not only because you can generate some need customer flow, but it also enables you to track which promotions are successful and which ones are not. If your text messages are set up to directly produce some traffic, it will be simple to see what’s successful and what’s not.

2.) It’s extremely traceable.

Text marketing can force your subscribers to respond quicker than with other marketing methods, especially if you generate a sense of immediacy within your promotions. This will let you to see what’s bringing traffic into your store and what’s not really that effective. When you find out what promos tend to be working, they are easily duplicated to achieve the same effects.

3.) If done properly, it’s very relevant.

When you give your subscribers an offer of value and you do it when they need it most, they will think you’re awesome! Especially in these economically tough periods, people are trying to save cash. If you can give them a great deal right to their mobile device, it’s convenient for them and you both will win.

4.) No other form of advertising is faster.

There is no faster form of advertising than through text marketing. This lets you you to run “random” promotions bringing you the traffic right when you need it most.

A sample text marketing message could look like this: “We’re having a random sale today only from 4 – 8 PM. Show this message and get 20% off your entire order!”

That text will make it into the hands of your customers immediately and will be a huge push to get them inside your store.

There are several other reasons why text marketing is an extremely effective method for getting your customers in the door. This article contains just a few. If you are business owner and are looking to boost traffic, spend some time researching this form of marketing. You surely won’t be disappointed.

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