Connect Your Congregation with Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing for Churches

Is it time to think about Text Message Marketing within your Church? Like many Churches who have already started connecting their congregations through text, you too have the ability to do the same. As many of you know communications is key in any Church. Not only does it help get the word out on special services, cancellations, and alerts but it is a great way to connect new members & those who recently accepted Jesus as their savior.

What is Text Message Marketing Automation?

Text Message Marketing Automation

Wow! That’s a new term. You are probably wondering what Text Message Marketing automation is. If you are familiar with mobile marketing, sms marketing or text marketing you may have experienced a little Text Message Marketing automation at some point. This term used to categorize any part of your text marketing campaign that can be easily automated for the business or organization to save time and money. The more automation, the less effort the marketer has to put into getting response. Lets take a look at some forms of Text Message Marketing Automation.

Keywords are absolutely pointless in Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing Keywords

Text Message Marketing is a great marketing outlet if you know exactly what you are doing. This blog has been a great resource for many marketers, marketing companies and business owners getting started with Text Marketing. If you are new to this category of marketing you should really take the time to understand it. It does not matter if you have some fancy degree from a university or not. When comes to text marketing this stuff is not taught anywhere. So put on your big boy pants and listen up.

How to be a Pro at Text Message Marketing – Scarcity

Text Message Markteing

Did you know that around 80% of outgoing Text Message Marketing campaigns do not produce response? It’s true. There are so many business owners out there that assume Text Marketing is a plug and play sorta avenue. However; this is far from the truth. To be a true professional at Text Message Marketing you need more then a business license.

Top 5 Reasons to Include Text Message Marketing on Your 2014 Budget

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing has one of the highest ROI’s per marketing medium. Text Marketing or SMS Marketing as many call it is the ability to grow a 100% opt in marketing list where the customers who add themselves want to hear what you have to say. That being said, you take the largest form of communication, which is text messaging and combined that with permission based opt ins and you have one powerful tool. 

Creative Text-to-Win Ideas using Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing the Subway Style

I recently visited a Subway franchise store and noticed they were running a text to win contest. Being a marketing buff and expert in text message marketing I could not resist to enter myself. I read the directions and scanned the QR code to enter the contest. 2 seconds later and I had won a year supply of Doritos and was getting my sub half off. Bonus! How can you get the same results with your marketing efforts?

Text Marketing Industry Leader SlickText Announces a Black Friday SALE

text message marketing black friday sale for slicktext

As many of you may know I have used many different marketing platforms for my customers and continually refer back to SlickText for all my customers for text message and sms marketing needs. Now, typically this company and most Text Message Marketing companies NEVER offer a sale price because they are dealing with such a low margin. On Black Friday will be hosting a weekend long sale starting on Novmeber 30th.

Why the Holidays are the Best Time to Grow your Text Message Marketing List

Text Message Marketing

What is Text Message Marketing? Text Message Marketing or SMS Marketing as some may call it is a form of marketing in which your customers give you consent to send them marketing messages in the form of a text. It has one of the highest ROI’s per any marketing medium because your customers want to hear what you have to say. Text Marketing can easily be used by all size businesses.

An Irresistible Text Message Deal for Black Friday 2013

Black Friday Text Message Deal

How can you cut through all the clutter this year for Black Friday? Simply; just remember to text your loyal Text Message Marketing customers. Text Marketing is 100% permission based. This means your customers add themselves to your sms text marketing list. This also means they are chomping at the bit for you to send them amazing deals. So whats the formula for an amazing Black Friday deal?

Why is Being Sued Over Text Message Marketing SPAM

Unwanted Text Message Marketing Deal

You would think that with all the laws that just went in place on the 16th of October that no one would dare to try and spam you through text message. But wait, what is this that I have received on my phone? It is the worst kind of text message marketing SPAM you could ever receive. Not all text deals you may receive are SPAM though. Here are the top reasons can be sued for breaking the text marketing laws.