Legalities Behind Text Message Marketing

Within the Text Message Marketing industry their are certain lines you do not cross. On a recent phone call with a potential customer we discussed text marketing compliance. Although there are many businesses and organizations utilizing this form of mobile marketing now there are still thousands and thousands who are un-aware of the laws surrounding this medium. Lets dive further into the subject matter.

Consistency in SMS Marketing is Key

Text Message Marketing Calendar Schedule

Consistency is key in Text Message Marketing. I have discussed this topic many times before. I can not emphasize the importance of keeping your Text Message Marketing campaigns on an consistent schedule. Inconsistent marketing campaigns can negatively effect rates of redemption. Start getting higher response today and avoid the inconsistency mistakes of Text Message Marketing.

Don’t Fall Victim to This MMS Marketing Mistake

Text Message & MMS Marketing Do's & Dont's

MMS Marketing stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Similar to Text Message Marketing, MMS Marketing allows businesses & organizations to add pictures to any outgoing communication or marketing campaign. With this ability you can also send a message that is longer then your typical 160 characters. However; be careful because some phones separate anything over 160 into a second message. This, however is not the big mistake marketers are making.

#1 Mistake All Text Marketing Rookies Make

Text Message Marketing

Just because you have a degree in marketing does not mean you are an expert in Text Message Marketing. I see it happen all the time. A business owner has a college grad or seasoned marketer handling their advertising but then comes text marketing and their ego and pride wont allow them to admit they have no idea what to do. Often times these so called experts get involved in new forms of marketing and make the big mistakes.

Chipotle SMS Marketing Scavenger Hunt

Text Message Marketing Chipotle

The Chipotle Text Message Marketing Scavenger Hunt sweepstakes is a simple one but very very intensive campaign as far as setup time. It took a lot of planning on their part. You can plan and execute a similar campaign with your organization. See how Chipotle grew the opt in marketing list, created buzz & interaction all while increasing sales.

Pros & Cons of MMS Marketing

MMS Marketing appetizers

Lets get visual for a moment. No, seriously. Let’s talk about MMS Marketing. I am sure you have heard that a million times or not. Maybe you are new to the term. Maybe you have started out in the Text Message Marketing arena and are now stepping over to MMS Marketing. Well, unlike Text Message Marketing, MMS Marketing is a lot different.

Connect Your Congregation with Text Messaging

Text Message Marketing for Churches

Is it time to think about Text Message Marketing within your Church? Like many Churches who have already started connecting their congregations through text, you too have the ability to do the same. As many of you know communications is key in any Church. Not only does it help get the word out on special services, cancellations, and alerts but it is a great way to connect new members & those who recently accepted Jesus as their savior.

Definition of Text Marketing Automation

Text Message Marketing Automation

Wow! That’s a new term. You are probably wondering what Text Message Marketing automation is. If you are familiar with mobile marketing, sms marketing or text marketing you may have experienced a little Text Message Marketing automation at some point. This term used to categorize any part of your text marketing campaign that can be easily automated for the business or organization to save time and money. The more automation, the less effort the marketer has to put into getting response. Lets take a look at some forms of Text Message Marketing Automation.

Use Scarcity to Become an SMS Marketing Pro

Text Message Markteing

Did you know that around 80% of outgoing Text Message Marketing campaigns do not produce response? It’s true. There are so many business owners out there that assume Text Marketing is a plug and play sorta avenue. However; this is far from the truth. To be a true professional at Text Message Marketing you need more then a business license.

Why Include Text Message Marketing in Your Annual Budget

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing has one of the highest ROI’s per marketing medium. Text Marketing or SMS Marketing as many call it is the ability to grow a 100% opt in marketing list where the customers who add themselves want to hear what you have to say. That being said, you take the largest form of communication, which is text messaging and combined that with permission based opt ins and you have one powerful tool.