Text Message Marketing No No’s for Restaurants – Part I

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

Recently I had a conversation with a client who wanted to tread in uncharted waters with their Text Message Marketing campaign for their restaurant. The idea was to send out text messages to the subscribers on their list announcing the daily, weekly and monthly specials. Not a bad idea you could say. WRONG! Text Message Marketing is a highly effective and personal form of Mobile Marketing. In fact, it is the most effective as far as redemption and open rate. With 99% of messages read within 5 minutes you CAN’T afford to waste your messages. If you are a restaurant you need to follow these simply rules for Text Message Marketing.

The Legalities of Text Message Marketing


Within the Text Message Marketing industry their are certain lines you do not cross. On a recent phone call with a potential customer we discussed the legalities around Text Message Marketing. Although there are many businesses and organizations utilizing this form of mobile marketing now there are still thousands and thousands who are un-aware of the laws surrounding this medium. Lets dive further into the subject matter.

Consistency in Text Message Marketing Is Key for Success

Text Message Marketing Calendar Schedule

Consistency is key in Text Message Marketing. I have discussed this topic many times before. I can not emphasize the importance of keeping your Text Message Marketing campaigns on an consistent schedule. Inconsistent marketing campaigns can negatively effect rates of redemption. Start getting higher response today and avoid the inconsistency mistakes of Text Message Marketing.

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants 101

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

Marketing for a Restaurant is not what it used to be. Time has changed and mobile is your new target. Not all restaurants have joined the mobile marketing band wagon though. There are so many categories such as, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook & Text Message Marketing for Restaurants. There are still a large number of restaurants who are missing the boat when it comes to targeting their customers for promotions. You first need to realize that your customers are now mobile and you should be too!

What You Need to Setup a Text Message Marketing Campaign

Top 5 things you need for Text Message Marketing

Most people start using a Text Message Marketing service without really knowing what is needed for setting up a complete campaign. With most Text Message Marketing platforms today you have common features such as, auto-replies, birthday campaigns and expiration dates. When using text message for marketing these will serve as very important components of your campaign.

The Cardinal Sin of Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing Sins

As many of us may know people outside of our bubble have lives. Many of them have families, churches and many other things they consume their free time. This is why it is required as a marketer that you do not violate that special devoted time with a bombardment of Text Message Marketing campaigns.

Don’t Fall Victim to this MMS Marketing Mistake

Text Message & MMS Marketing Do's & Dont's

MMS Marketing stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Similar to Text Message Marketing, MMS Marketing allows businesses & organizations to add pictures to any outgoing communication or marketing campaign. With this ability you can also send a message that is longer then your typical 160 characters. However; be careful because some phones separate anything over 160 into a second message. This, however is not the big mistake marketers are making.

Text Message Marketing – Still, the NEW kid on the block

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing was introduced in the later 2000’s as a cutting edge innovative way to reach almost all your mobile customers instantly. However, it was highly un-regulated by laws and the number of people who had text message plans was nowhere near what it is today. In today’s market almost 92% of the American population has a cell phone, which has text capabilities.

The Rookie Mistake – Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Just because you have a degree in marketing does not mean you are an expert in Text Message Marketing. I see it happen all the time. A business owner has a college grad or seasoned marketer handling their advertising but then comes text marketing and their ego and pride wont allow them to admit they have no idea what to do. Often times these so called experts get involved in new forms of marketing and make the big mistakes.

Chipotle Text Message Marketing Scavenger Hunt

Text Message Marketing Chipotle

The Chipotle Text Message Marketing Scavenger Hunt sweepstakes is a simple one but very very intensive campaign as far as setup time. It took a lot of planning on their part. You can plan and execute a similar campaign with your organization. See how Chipotle grew the opt in marketing list, created buzz & interaction all while increasing sales.